The beauty of the face and body

Cosmetology osteopathy – health and beauty face and body.

From the standpoint of osteopathy Health is good blood supply and nervous regulation. If food and nervous control are perfect then the organs will have good "feel", they will work optimally for the benefit of the whole organism.

When the inflow or outflow of blood is disrupted due to mechanical causes – spasms of muscles or bones mixing medicines remain powerless and only the hands of the osteopath can help restore the correct position of the joints, normal muscle tone, good nutrition and function.

Now consider, what are the cosmetic (aesthetic) "defects" in the opinion of the osteopath?

How can you call a health condition puffiness of the cheeks, pasty skin, multiple lines and spasms of the facial muscles, "circles" and puffiness under the eyes, double chin, dark spots?

When a violation of the free lymph flow from the head – there are puffiness and swelling, when the deteriorating food through the arteries – skin color changes, quality spots appear when the muscles of the neck and face tense pathologically — develop to deep wrinkles, when chronic stress nekompensirovanna and recorded in the tissues of the face reflect the "personality masks" that distort facial expressions.

All the "ugliness" are manifestations of dysfunction in the head and neck.

In all these cases, aesthetic osteopathy can help. Restore free drainage through the lymphatic vessels and adequate blood supply, eliminating pathological microcasm facial muscles, returning to the normal position of the zygomatic bone and the mandible, osteopath eliminate the cause cosmetic changes and help the body to restore Health and Beauty.

A soft touch of the hands of the osteopath comfortable and safe. Usually after 1-2 treatments there is a significant positive change in the condition of the skin, after some time, many wrinkles are smoothed out.

The recommended number of sessions of cosmetic aesthetic osteopathy 6-10 per treatment. It's a little more than normal osteopathic treatment, as the muscles and the skin must undergo profound changes, which takes time.

Beauty and Health go together – and this is true.

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