Universal exercise for quick relief of a headache

Headache is one of the most frustrating and common ailments.

It can take you down at work or do not give quietly to sleep in the evenings, to begin suddenly and also suddenly end.

This is not always known to help drugs, so some resort, including to the popular recipes. However, since the headache often is a symptom that is psychosomatic (i.e. caused by purely psychological reasons), not be amiss to always have in stock the following therapeutic technique that can help relatively quickly return to normal.


Sit as comfortably as possible, close your eyes and try to relax. Imagine your headache as a visual image — how it looks?

May be like a heavy chain around your head, or a steel rod, piercing the head, or like a huge vise, struggling pressing on whiskey?

Listen to your feelings and try to give them as close an analogy. Imagine “gun headache” in detail, feel that it is real and affects you in the moment.

Now look carefully — in fact, these terrible instruments made of extremely soft and pliable material such as plasticine, and only the top is painted with a special paint in the color of the metal. From afar does not distinguish — but you came close and now can see it. They harden, but we can soften, melt.

Imagine that they summed up the little wires — and with their help, the clay can easily warm up to the desired temperature. View — the heat is on them, and gradually, slowly melts the clay of the product. They are becoming more and more soft, and you feel like the force with which they pressed upon your head, getting smaller and smaller. If you are exempt from fetters, andheadache also gradually disappearing. Finally, she completely leaves you and you can open your eyes.

This exercise is absolutely universal, and only requires a bit of concentration and imagination. Its effect is due to the fact that through the use of a good metaphor you can perceive their status differently and faster to find a way to manage it. When headaches behind, take the time to more fully analyze the reasons that led to poor health.

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Perhaps you recently bothered by any problems or unpleasant situations that failed to solve; you have experienced some emotions that you think is “unacceptable” or you just were not able to Express them openly. If the solution to the difficulties could not find by yourself, ask for help to a therapist — it will help you better understand the situation and to identify more constructive ways out of it.published

Author: Yulia Ustinova

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