First, live as it will. Then as you want

First, live as it will. Then as you want.

As you want is a high-speed car. Once you sit behind the wheel and all. Your life divided into "Before" and "After".

In the interval "After" there is always a temptation to slide into the strategy "simply modestly like everyone else". Sometimes I want to say "SLOW down, DAMN it!".

Seventy seven million eight hundred sixty three thousand eight hundred thirty five

On sharp turns, I get scared, I'm scared to fly into the pole, are beginning to slow down, roll, skid, you know that braking at high speed is a bad idea, damn, what to do, where to turn the wheel?

At this moment on the horizon appears one of my truthful mirrors.

Waving a flag and yelling, "You're not ssy, speed up. All aligned! Corners".

And doubts disappear.

Still, we are never left alone.

We are fools, whiners, geniuses, crazy and forgetting who they are — always protect and love, give us the conditions and opportunities for development and happiness. Through lessons, through people, through situations.

I have no proof.

I just feel it.

I just live.

Fifty seven million one hundred two thousand three hundred twenty nine

Its easy to gain. It does not have to go on heads.

It's like the store of unfulfilled Communist good — just go and take

love what's yours.

Or take.

Stories about through thorns and turpentine invented by those who like to suffer.

Life is a story of joy.

About development, about nastasescu, the novelty, the interest, the drive.

About speed.   published 


Author: Tatiana Magera


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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