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This is a very interesting video in which Dr. Greger talks about large-scale studies on the impact of a plant-based diet on human health. The information is really interesting, but not everyone can take an hour to sit in front of the screen listening to such lectures. So in this article we present the basic data, told M. Grigera and maybe you want to watch the video itself, and even better, if you have the desire to follow his recommendations.

Cardiovascular diseases occupy the first place of mortality and disability. According to studies in cardiac patients who switched to a plant-based diet and a healthy lifestyle, 91% decrease in the level of angina attacks. While patients from the other control group, following standard medical guidelines, this level increased to 186%(critical studies of the 90s).

The reasons for these major improvements on the vegan diet is to cleanse the arteries and improve blood supply to the body. The difference of conductivity of the vessels is four times higher compared to people on a normal diet. Vegan diet allows patients with shortness of breath, angina, pain in the chest and other parts of the body after a few months feel healthy.

The result of improper diet be diseases such as neuralgia, chronic back pain, atherosclerosis, Parkinson's disease, diabetes and cancer. The list is far from complete, but it is enough to think about.

Atherosclerosis, a disease that is caused by blockage of blood vessels cholesterol plaques, causing a decrease in the blood supply to the entire body, particularly causing back pain, spine, erectile dysfunction and many other diseases in the flesh to Parkinson's.

Foods high in fiber can significantly reduce the risk of stroke, atherosclerosis, diabetes and many other diseases. You need to consume at least 72 grams of fiber a day, only to a plant-based diet.

Diabetes can be cured by eating only plant products, it is proved (in the movie we are talking about type II diabetes). Cancer can be prevented, and at the initial stages of cure.

In countries with mainly plant food, virtually no diseases related to improper nutrition, disease of the Western world. In Japan the level of cardiovascular diseases has increased over the past 60 years in connection with the transition from a predominantly vegetable food for meat-eating.

Details, links to the study and the specific numbers you'll find in the video, believe me, it's worth a look, it's all very clearly laid out on shelves.

I note another interesting fact. Long time was considered that people will never change their habits for the health. People will never give up meat and animal products. And indeed for a long time it was, the consumption of meat is growing. But in the late 2000s, meat consumption in the world fell by 10%, hundreds of millions of people around the world. People are willing to change and this is only the beginning.

Back in the 70s the issue was devoted to a series of works. And the results clearly speak in favor of vegetable food. Why do practitioners continue to be treated with medication, surgeries and prescribing a normal diet with minimal changes? It turns out they think that people will not be able to give up your favorite foods in favor of healthy eating, and "fear" to offer them such treatment. Imagine that the doctor refuses to recommend you to quit Smoking on the basis that "you LIKE to smoke a cigarette in the other." Funny, isn't it. But that's the way things are going with our food.

The problem lies in the fact that modern nutrition advice written by the representatives of industrial companies, which is beneficial to we eat, because eating now. They together with the pharmaceutical companies funding doctors and nutritionists, which in turn calm us writing out new drugs and hiding from the people the true causes of their illnesses.

Decide for yourself what is more important, the old, imposed habits or healthy, full of strength and energy of life! published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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