I'm just tired of being strong

Sometimes we get very tired reaching up to the limit of their forces and simply cannot cope with the emotions. But to cry it does not mean to give up, and certainly this is not a sign of weakness.

Just, often in such cases we have no other choice but to resort to this means of self-consolation, when we are tired. Tired to be strong. Because life requires us a lot, and people around us are not always aware of everything we do (including them) and understand how it is difficult for us.

But we should not shoulder the weight of the world on their shoulders, try to worry only about what really matters to you. And never forget that your heart must be a kind of privileged, the space is only for you and no one else.

So if you want to cry, you feel it is necessary, and understand that it makes you feel better, then cry, only really strong people can sometimes afford that.

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You can't be strong always

You may also raised "strong personality" and said that the tears have to "swallow". That life is hard, and crying will not help and so the fact that this approach in the long term can lead to serious problems emotionally.

After all, "don't cry" sometimes means not to show their feelings and hide them under false pretences (from the series "not feeling well", etc.).

And if you always try to seem if not fun, then at least calm, in fact, you hide your emotions not only from others but from myself too.

And hidden emotions are unresolved problems that, in turn, turn again, emotions, stress. Then there is the hysteria (the transformation of psychological stress into physical discomfort, ailment or disease) and the person begins to suffer from headaches, migraines, constant fatigue, muscle strain, dizziness, problems with digestion…

You cannot be strong constantly. You can't hide discomfort or sadness throughout life. It is harmful to health.

Sometimes you need to give yourself a well deserved rest break, when tears are better than any sedative and relieve stress, allow you to relax.

  • Tears do heal.
  • They give the desired relief and be a first step towards the release of hidden emotions.
  • Having cried, you find peace, feel more relaxed, more objectively perceive reality and can make sound decisions.
 The need to be strong when life requires of us too much

Nobody, except you, does not know how much you had to do to be where you are now. What did you have to abandon (for the sake of their loved ones), what to experience and what to pass.

And all you did, you did knowingly, willingly, because you wanted to. But sometimes there are times when we think that life and people around us is unfair to us that we underestimate that we deserve better.

You have to be strong in a society that does not facilitate your life in socio-economic terms. You need to show its strength and determination of their house, behave with parents, children and your partner, which often involves more attention to their interests than to their own.

The result comes those days when you're tired to be strong and to bear the entire burden of responsibility on their shoulders, and then… You need to cry.

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It is important to set limits so that the life demanded of us real sversheniya of us can give more than he has. And because bringing joy and happiness to your loved ones is simply impossible if they don't love you back and not shown the same attention, care and love.

That is the key to the solution is a balance of forces and actions. To stay strong and cope with all your responsibilities, achieve your goals despite all the difficulties, you must adhere to the following guidelines:


1. To be strong means, in the first place, to be at peace with yourself. Do not stop there, continue your personal growth and development, enjoy their Hobbies and moments of personal joy. Love your family and of course yourself first.

2. The strongest people are those who know how to love (others as well as themselves). And no, this is not selfishness, but a healthy self-esteem.

3. To be strong means to be able to get rid of all kinds of goods, which hinder our progress, prevented from moving forward, worsen our health, and even forced to suffer. Yes, sometimes these decisions can be quite painful, but it is important to prioritize and stop wasting time on those we don't need really.

4. To be strong means sometimes afford a "weakness".What this refers to?

  • You always have the right to say that you "can't" or "won't". You are not obliged to take on more responsibilities than you already have.
  • You always have the right to say "enough", "can't". You need to rest.
  • You have the right to be respected and loved, recognized your merits, and was grateful. Those who do you need, be sure to understand that you need their attention and care.

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And, of course, you have a right to private, secluded vacation. For those moments when you can be alone and walk, to think, to listen to your thoughts and emotions to make the necessary decisions and back to move forward.

After all, our life, ultimately, is in it. To go his own way and to try to keep the composure.published 


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