"Provocateur" — new Russian over 260 000 rubles

The project is unusual citicar (the so-called small cars for urban use) was developed by a designer from Moscow Alexander Malyshev. Outset: at the moment, the machine, dubbed Mirrow Provocator, there is only... in the form of computer sketches. But the first prototype of the participants of the ambitious startup plans to show this fall, and once — at the Paris motor show.



Length (2695 mm) "agent Provocateur" is reminiscent of the little Smart Fortwo, but other dimensions of the Russian machine is much larger than the German. The width of the car, which is more properly called a compact MPV — an impressive 1980 mm without mirrors (for reference, a cabin "gazelles" even at 2 inches already!), the height 2045 mm, so that the inner height of the cabin — as much as 180 cm.

Mirrow Provocator designed to carry four people and Luggage, and in the future may receive lengthened by 70 cm a taxi for five passengers and the driver. The salon is arranged according to the "aviation" principle, where the seats are located on either side of the aisle, and the entrance through one, but the full (size 170 by 60 cm) door. Also provided by the side doors for emergency exit.



On Provocator plan to install a petrol or diesel 3-cylinder turbo engine with a volume up to 1.5 L. it is Also possible the emergence of hybrid and electric versions. While the latter, thanks to ample a "technical space" under the seats can have a large (in both size and capacity) battery that will provide up to 350-400 km.



The cost of the basic version, scheduled to hold at the level of 3500-4500 Euro at the current rate, which is about 260-330 thousand rubles. In the case that the project will support investors to market the "baby", a body which will be more than 50% made of recyclable polymer, the creators of the ready in 1.5-2 years. published


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