What if my husband to consider a roommate

If possible, then instant divorce. If this is not possible, then then apply the psychological divorce.

Not consider in his heart your husband, a husband, and consider a roommate. Then disappear mental anguish, and will only inconvenience. You wouldn't expect him to calmly react to the fact that he's not coming to spend the night, will not read him homilies and sermons about the dangers of drinking, and if he is going to stick, pour him an extra shot to reach the intoxication of the third degree, and slept soundly, would ensure that he went for treatment.

Ninety six million five hundred sixty thousand one hundred eight

Expensive things will hide in another place in the apartment do not hold stocks of alcohol, do not swear with him. Try to find yourself a different society. It is best to go to any school. But if you want to discourage her husband from drinking, do the same thing.

Many of my pupils have done so. Their drinking husbands, seeing substantial changes of their wives in the best part, was interested in them again and continued to drink.

Ten million four hundred eighty six thousand sixty six

In conclusion, "Requirements for my beloved wife» who wrote a man, a woman a month after the wedding:

1. Honestly and loyally to do their duty to the family.

2. Do not change your beloved husband.

3. Love to the grave.

4. To monitor my husband was always clean and ironed.

5. To keep husband took other women (especially while drunk).

6. From all the events to take her husband home and give him to drink.

7. To follow the regular three meals a day husband at home, not in the dining room.

8. To cook everything is always fresh and not reheated.

9. To remind the husband about the approach of significant dates on which to give gifts and not to forget to make gifts to her husband.

10. Not often to ask my husband to buy expensive things (for me).

This lady came to me for consultation with a request to bring back her wayward husband, whom she believes she happily lived for 22 years in the bosom of the family. It is easy to see that even then he gave the information, what to drink (rules 5 and 6), care for other women (rule 5). He chose himself a wife, a servant that will simultaneously cook (rules 7 and 8), a laundress (rule 4), secretase (rule 9). Besides, he really doubted her constancy and integrity (rules 1-3), and also suggest it inflated requests (rule 10).

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Do not think that running away from the bad...


Psychologically prepared the woman crumpled to his requirements, would have thrown in his face and immediately dispersed. She failed to do so, and fulfilled all the instructions. For his sake gave up her career. Traveled with him to different places. When he reached a high position, he became drunk and left her. But it was easy to predict on this one note.

Eighty one million seven hundred thirty thousand ninety two


Strong-willed, emotional, smart, purposeful man — that's fine. But it is extremely necessary right use of will right use of the mind and the correct target direction.published  


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