Why you'LL never be RICH — 10 reasons

You start reading and think it's not all about you. Maybe you financially successful. Only if this is your merit? I am sure that none of these reasons will not play tomorrow with you a cruel joke?

1. You complain or dream, but do not

How much can you tell about why you can't do it?! Do you really think someone is interested? Want to change job, change. Find where you will pay more, but the office will not stink from the basement.

Fifty four million three hundred thirty one thousand six hundred fourteen

2. A sense of proportion — it's not about you


Tell me, how was it possible to attribute to travel 15 kilometers to 50 kilometers? Well, if you've done it once. You could say that was wrong. But systematically to deceive those people who you pay, not leave.

Well, if you cheated. You're constantly fooling yourself. The tale “one more cigarette with friends and then home and to bed” turns into a campaign for a new pack and beer.

3. Have you forgotten what it's like to learn


Remember how you loved to dig in the device of the moped. You caught it in the neck from his older brother, but still climbed. And now? You're too lazy to even look at the user manual to the router. You ask a neighbor to configure you Wi-Fi, pay him for it. Yes you spend two hours time, look at the workplace YouTube step by step video and suit yourself.

4. Laziness was born before you


You're working for. Honest work from 9:00 to 18:00. So I think they have the right to come home, doing nothing. Let the house working wife. She does not plow at work like you. So you live on just your salary, one third of which is spent on rent.

If you worked together, shared chores, for a year already would gather for a good wedding. Still would have stayed. But your wife is the same lazy as you are.

Here you neraspisannyy and live in a rented apartment for the fifth year. At this time, your future mother-in-law rents an apartment left by my grandmother as a dowry, the only granddaughter.

Where is the money going? More industrious brother-in-law, who made cosmetic repairs before delivery. And you have the hands of the wrong place, you're tired.

Forty six million seven hundred thirty nine thousand one hundred thirty four

5. Your environment is composed of losers


Look around. Who surrounds you? Wife, who scored the extra pounds. Colleagues who dream not to fall for petty theft. The neighbor, holding a bottle.

Any your attempt to change something in your life will be immediately ridiculed. And suddenly you will become better, earn more. You'll be a living example that they are losers.

While you like them, you pose no threat to their self-esteem. And self esteem they have a Oh how high, just as you do.

6. You don't cherish what you have


Here explain how to uhaydokat refrigerator for three years? The question is rhetorical, don't answer. I remember how we dragged it to the dump. He suffocated in the dust. It never was pushed to wipe for him. This isn't your fault, you didn't know! And the wife of such a weight did not budge.

But tell me, why would be not to buy a new case immediately. You dropped a new phone in the first month. The replacement screen has no money. Now you go with the latest model and broken glass.

7. You spent it all on nonsense


Calculate how much crap you buy. Cigarettes, chips, cheap beer. Beer we're wasting the same. But for you, I major! Because they drink not the bottle, and brewing. It is more expensive than your shit five times. Why don't you go start drinking less, but buy quality?

8. You don't expect


Every summer you have problems with the rest. The trips that you dreamed the whole year, does not work. The reason is always the same — money. The result is you spend your holiday in the country. Delay from each paycheck by 5%, and you will trip. You wife less money hide.

Oh, his wife need money to hide? Well, your really need. She, like you, not planning a budget. Got money spend, no money — cry. It's about both of you.

9. You save on the wrong


Do you really think that buying expired products at a discount, you never poisoned? Forgot-forgot. It's not your fault. Blame the wife and mother-in-law. That they didn't check that the sausage is already moldy.

And the shoes that you buy for one season. After a week she is no longer the kind, and within three months, you get rid of it. Somehow other shoes lasts longer. They must take care of it. Or maybe they are buying quality stuff. No, not in this case. They favor a star, but you do not. True?


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10. You don't want to change anything


Frankly, you are satisfied. You like to be poor. Because now you live as accustomed. You're in your comfort zone. And any changes require effort, any change is the unknown. So you find it easier to be poor than to begin to change something.published 


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

Source: lifehacker.ru/2014/07/11/ty-nikogda-ne-budesh-bogat/?rlp


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