How to cook healthy water from fruits and herbs

Juices, sweet drinks, juice drinks — all this self-indulgence, quenches thirst not, but is quite expensive. Plus, if you are watching your weight or sugar level, you should know that those drinks are very high in calories, and indeed often full of all sorts of unnecessary body substances.

There is nothing better than plain water. But drink it so boring... I Want something tasty... We'll show you how using fruit and herbs to make delicious and healthy water.

Don't expect the explosion of flavor and a very sweet drink. You get water with a subtle, refreshing scent. So easy that sometimes it seems that it does not exist, the water will be much more pleasant to the taste. By the way, and cook it very simple. You don't even need any tools, like a blender, mixer and others. Only a few cans, which you will then store the beverage in the refrigerator. So, let's start.

We will need:

  • Fruit. Anything you like, except bananas. The fruit should be ripe, to best develop their flavour and aroma. Good to put in the water, berries, citrus, pineapple or watermelon.
  • Grass. It is optional. Herb put is optional, if you prefer. However, sometimes they miraculously accentuate the flavor of the fruit, and the water is amazing.
  • Jars or pitchers. Preferably with lids.
  • Jug with strainer. Or you can just take a separate strainer. Berries from the water in the glass will not look very attractive, and the taste will not. so the better water strain.
  • Madler (this is a potato masher) or just a spoon to mash fruit and herbs.
  • Water. Any water that you drink always. It could even be water from the tap, if it is the taste and quality suits you.
What fruits to take, fresh or frozen?

The answer is ambiguous. Not in season, of course, it is better to take frozen, as fresh if they are in the store, usually do not have the rich taste we need, and are expensive. In season you can find fresh ripe berries and fruits.

What to use herbs?

Are like, and what is at hand. Usually these recipes use mint, but an interesting combination of flavors also makes Basil, rosemary, sage, thyme or lavender.

And now a few recipes. The number of ingredients specified for 2 liters of water, but you can change the ratio of elements to your liking.

Citrus water

Cut into half slices 1 orange, 1 lime, 1 lemon. Put into the jar, slightly mash Madler below given fruit juice, but not turned to mush. Fill the jar with ice, add water to edge. Gently stir with a spoon handle. Close the lid and put in the fridge or just in a cool place.

Can be drunk immediately, but the flavor will be more intense in 1-2 hours, and even more full of the taste of the drink will acquire through the day. Even until the next day the ice may not melt completely and will serve as a kind of sieve, separating the water from the fruit pieces.

Water with raspberry and lime

It's a nice, slightly tart drink with a pleasant colour. Two lime cut into quarters, squeeze hands juice in a jar, then throw quarters in a jar. Add a handful of raspberries. Slightly crush the fruit, but only slightly. Add ice water, stir, cover and put in the fridge.

Water with pineapple and mint

A sprig of mint or mint leaves (if you want them beautifully floated in a Bank) put in a container. A little grind mint by Madler, you must feel the taste of her. Add the pieces of pineapple, mash some more. Ice, water, stir, cover and put in the fridge.

Water with blackberries and sage

It turns out delicate and refreshing taste. Add the sage leaves in a jar and a little mash. Add a handful of blackberries, mash. Ice, water, stir, cover and put in the fridge.

Water with watermelon and rosemary

A sprig of rosemary put into the jar, a little mash, even with a small force very quickly the rosemary gives off its aroma, so don't be too zealous. Add the cubes of watermelon, mash very lightly. Ice, water, stir, cover and put in the fridge.

Rosemary-watermelon and pineapple-mint water is the sweetest. If the rest will seem deflating, you can add honey or even sugar. Still it would be no worse than the purchase of soft drinks. By the way, this is only the basic recipes, you can experiment endlessly, using other fruits and herbs, in their different mixing. This is a huge scope for creativity.

Glass of water you can pour through a strainer to the fruits and berries it does not fall. Or use a pitcher strainer or a lid.

And finally, one more plus of such water — at the party you surprise your friends with this delicious, easy and beautiful drink. Try and let us know what other combinations of fruit and herbs you come up with.

Important! How much water can be stored? In a refrigerator for about 3 days. Therefore it is not recommended to do too many water in advance, especially since it is literally 2 minutes, and you will not be difficult to regularly prepare fresh.published

Bon appetit!


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P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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