7 questions that will forever change your life

These seven questions are designed to help You free yourself from the limitations of three-dimensional reality, and help You create the life they desire!

According to the theory of Quantum physics, the universe exists as an infinite number of possible events, until one of them will not be selected.

These possibilities represented by the wave principle, where each probability is on the convexity of the wave (sine wave). Every time when the choice is made, the wave (sine wave probabilities) ceases to exist. Any subsequent issue creates a new wave of possibilities. As soon as the number of possibilities/probabilities open — the only thing you have to do is choose the most suitable one.

Issues that will be discussed below, large enough and endowed with great force. When you ask them yourself — do not expect an immediate answer, although it may happen that the answer will come immediately. Sometimes the very fact that the question is, works wonders and changes lives.

Pay attention to your dreams and notice the signs that caught your eye. This can be words from the book, a picture, a memory, etc. However, remember that the process of changing energy starts immediately after the question is asked. Keep asking yourself until then, until you feel that the issue ceased to be topical for you.

1. Whether it's my energy?

In the period of transition to a New Energy level frequency vibration of those around us can fluctuate significantly and vary dramatically. When the vibrations of the planet increase you experience feelings of bliss and the fullness of the senses. In such moments you think that you do accept, feel and understand the new energy. You are calm and confident that everything will be fine.

When the vibration of the planet down you feel the tension. Old limiting programmes, which, as you thought, you have already escaped, suddenly appear again. In these moments, you think that you are lacking something and you don't know where and how to move forward. Are you annoyed or too exhausted.

It seems that everything is not as it should, and you can go back to old habits. You may even be surprised and say to yourself: "I thought I long ago parted with the old software. Have I made a mistake... again?!" Well, as you know these moments?

Psychic abilities you have developed so much stronger than you can imagine. You will not only feel the change of vibrational frequencies on the planet, but also catch the thoughts, emotions and physical sensations of other people. This is a great ability and part of your New Energy beings.

The problem is that you perceive these energies unconsciously and try to fit them into some program understandable to you from the past, matching with her frequency! Old programs can be negative emotions, limiting thoughts, pain, illness, or old habits which you have already refused in the present. However, you take someone else's energy, mistakenly thinking that it's yours.

My own example, it was associated with pain in the back, which was my old program. Almost all my life, my physical actions were limited to back pain, specifically sciatica. Not so long ago I managed to get rid of this problem. OK, of course, she didn't just disappear.

I've worked really hard and learned to live in harmony with your body. When the pain came back again, I first condemned myself, "Oh no... do I have created this pain?" But then I stopped and decided to look at this problem from my expanded etheric body. Then I realized that was broadcast receive new energy to the old program.

My inner vision I saw through the wind blows through me. Only I didn't just let the wind pass through me, I created hooks that catch the wind and fastened it to my body. Because energy was similar, I thought it was my energy.

Another example is when I noticed that I compulsively having flashbacks of all those horrible (in my previous opinion) things worked my ex-husband before and during our divorce. A maze of unpleasant thoughts consumed me, before I was finally able to realize that: "Wow! I have already dealt with this story. How so I again fell into the trap of these thoughts?"

I realized that I took the emotions that didn't belong to me. The energy of this program coincided with what I have experienced previously, being absorbed in the drama of your divorce. Since this energy was familiar to me, she gave me the same emotions. My mind projected thought that was akin to this energy.

The fact that you are not required to take these other people's energy. Consciously referring to what is happening, you can ignore and not to allow the reaction to these energies, thus preventing the consequences of this reaction.

Stay aware and question everything that you feel or think negative. Ask yourself: "is this My path?"Your inner awareness will help you to answer that will come to you mentally, or by muscle testing (kinesiology) or by using Tarot cards, etc. If this energy is not yours, then it will give yourself immediately after the question was asked.

Then say the following words: "Thank you for the awareness, but it is not my energy. She is past the" use your imagination, breathe and release it. Dissolve "hooks" and let the energy pass you by. Relief may not come immediately, give yourself time. Continue to breathe and release.

Below is an exercise that is useful in practice.

Leave for a stroll in a residential area. As you move down the street, notice every thought, emotion or sensation that comes to you and ask:"is This mine?" I was amazed when I did this exercise. At some point I suddenly become sad, but I caught myself and asked myself: "is this My condition?" the answer came immediately: "No."

"Well then, let the energy of sadness passes" I said to myself and sadness immediately left by itself. Later my hips started to hurt as soon as I realized that this is also "not mine" energy: the pain disappeared in a few minutes. Such moments were repeated again and again, and none of the passing, but take me the energies that were not mine!

Constantly aware of this process, I think you will be surprised to discover how little actually thoughts, emotions and physical sensations that really belongs to you!

2. What will happen if...?

All that was ever created, first appeared in the imagination. When you ask yourself this question: "What if...?", imagine how you will yourself to feel. When you resort to your feelings, to perceive a potential reality, this process will activate in you the part that is responsible for the creation of reality.

Focus your imagination to create a new feeling. This will start the flow or wave of energy that will manifest the desired effect. Focusing only on the physical manifestation limits you to this option. But you need freedom of choice, so you should consider all options, including ones that you cannot yet imagine.

Here are some examples:

That will be...

  • if I will always have a lot of money?
  • if my body will look the way I want?
  • (or even better) if I love my body regardless of how it looks?
  • if I'm extraordinarily successful?
  • if I knew how to do in this/that situation?
  • if I don't have to worry about my son (daughter, mother, etc.)?

If you are experiencing difficulties in view of his physical sensations and emotions, do not despair. Continue to inquire. You can even ask:"what if I could imagine...?" the more time you spend on feeling desired effect/status, the better.

3. What to draw, so ... easy come true?

In the New Energy we create without effort. When we want something happened but not sure what exactly needs to be done, you have to ask yourself the question: "What should I draw, so ... easy come true?". In any case, do not ask: "What should I do?" or "What is my next step?" Feel the difference in energy of these questions?!

If you're asking yourself what to do, you set a linear method of creation, which requires from you efforts. "What should I draw?" is the invitation for the desired be carried out without a struggle, and this opens opportunities that you could never even imagine. This question invites the Universe to support you in the process of your creativity.

4. What's great is I don't have what?

Very often we focus on what is wrong or bad in a situation. Then we begin to condemn yourself and/or others that they did wrong, with this version of events. Accordingly, what you focus your thoughts, attracts more energy. So asking, "What's great is that I didn't get it?"draws your energy towards that which is good and eliminates the process of condemnation.

Think how many times in your life were events in which you yourself condemned for the failure. For example, after experiencing such a trouble as loss of a job. When you look back on this issue (maybe after I get a better job) you will realize that the mere fact of job loss, in fact, was a positive development. Asking yourself this question, you change the perception, and therefore it affects your future experience.

5. How did I create this?

When you ask yourself, "How did I create that?" you deliberately pay attention to the decision taken by you unconsciously, and which led to not very positive consequences. Somehow my daughter got sick with an ear infection. A few days later I felt bad: body ached, a terrible weakness literally poured out of me. I asked myself: "How am I created?" and remembered that morning felt pain in the ear. It dawned on me that I learned the suffering and pain of his daughter.

At the moment this morning I decided that faster and easier to cope with this disease than the daughter who had been sick for 6 days without any visible improvement. Then I, having turned their attention to something else, fell into a state of unawareness. After a couple of hours I felt bad. Question: "how am I created?" helped me to remember that moment of unawareness, that started it all, and then I was able to cancel this program. Soon we both became much easier.

Do not ask: "Why did I do that?" When you ask yourself "why" you back to the moment of their past failures, when you have done something similar and accordingly raise all the emotions and conviction that were caused by these failures. Why it attracts all the energies that make you repeat their mistakes, (for example, the relationship with her ex-husband cheated). Why establishes the limiting reality of the current situation. Instead, ask "how it began", and that was the moment of creation of this experience.

6. Which would have been, if not for this pain?

Use this question when asking: "is this My (status/power)?", you will not experience any visible changes or improvements. Themselves sudden pain are the interpretation of the sensory / sensual signals.

So sadava question 6, you will create the ability to translate such signals in a different way. For example, if someone is trying to communicate with you, and you it does not react, then foreign unrealized energy of communication can be expressed in you in the form of physical pain. Emotions can also be translated in pain.

7. How it can be improved?

Tell yourself this every time when happens something good. If you found the money, say, "How this situation could get even better?" Will lead the story of one woman who found a penny on the ground and asked myself,"how this situation can improve?"

Soon after, she found a 10 dollar bill on the back seat of a taxi, she asked again: "how can this get any better?" After some time she noticed a shiny object in the drainage channel, he was a diamond bracelet. Unfortunately, raising it, she said to herself: "there can be nothing better than this!" and better.

Also say: "How this can be improved?", when you get into trouble. If your car got a flat tyre, ask yourself: "How can this be better?" If your child has trouble at school..."How this can be improved?" It is an invitation to the Universe to show you how to really the situation could become better.

If you can't think of a question to ask yourself (on any topic), try:

So I asked if I knew what to ask for?

It may seem strange, but it is likely that this issue will be the best and most effective!



Greetings from the past: not until the end of past history

No-th-th I do not want...


Regular use of these issues gradually change your reality. The secret lies in the fact that you are creating this reality and your life on Earth! You do it daily. Why not do this at the personal request? Why not have fun and to enjoy the creative process?

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