How to cheat in KFC: the secret of the American chicken

What do we know about KFC? Old American brand, a café with a menu based on chicken from Kentucky. Founder — a certain Colonel Sanders, who invented fry chicken with mix of 11 herbs and spices that gave success to his whole work. Many have tried to determine the composition, but... and now the truth and the wrong side of the business.

It's no secret, opening the first restaurant in 1952, Sanders did not have any clear prescription what needs to be fried chicken that she got her unique taste. Yes, there were spices and herbs, but a single recipe was not. So he experimented, offering visitors various options. And at some point stopped at the sole option that everyone liked.

In our days it is known that the original recipe only stores the General Manager of the company in my safe. Spices and herbs are manufactured in two different factories, and on the third they are mixed. And I know the recipe only a few people from the top of the company that owns the KFC brand. This is the biggest culinary secret in our days.

The problem is that the founder of KFC long ago sold his business in 1964, and then, the brand has changed owners several times. Now the company Yum! Brands owns several major networks and a chicken Empire only one of them.

Why do you think such a large company any covenants grandfather, who is no longer alive? Why such complexity? Imagine what it takes to keep this list, and how did this hold?

Surely one worker knows what his doing, the second that he had... to find these people is not difficult. And logistics? One plant in the whole world... the chicken is local, the local Pepsi and seasonings carry fuck where without them not to cook... for a Long time would have someone to spill the beans. And who works in our kitchen at KFC? Right...

However, there are publications which States that the secret of KFC is very simple — the taste is salt, black pepper and flavor enhancer. Nobody bothers to disassemble the chicken into components and find out its chemical composition. But to know the composition and can we, ordinary consumers without any chemicals and laboratories.

Cooks will say to 70% of the spices and herbs that go with chicken. The options are not many. But here is the usual mixture of spices:

But the mixture of herbs:

And all together it should look something like this:

And as someone who understands cooking, I would say that for frying a piece of chicken that he got rich flavor, need a lot of spices, moreover, when roasting in butter fried a lot of things get lost.

However, that's what's actually dipped the chicken in KFC restaurants. White powder, most of which is flour.

Yes, there may be black pepper, salt, but there's clearly no turmeric, red pepper and any herbs that changes the structure and color of the mixture, which is fried chicken KFC. I would say more, spices and herbs is not visible in the final product and smell, there is Basil, rosemary, thyme, Bay leaf or something else.

So it should look like chicken, where when frying added any spices and herbs

But looks like the chicken from KFC

Omoshola all this, I make the logical conclusion. When the business received a major restaurant giant, he got rid of the conventionalities and unnecessary costs, preserved the legend, but changed the composition.published



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