Rules for the care of the strawberry in July and August

Fragrant berry's leaving, so it was the middle of summer. And it is time to start taking care of the strawberry plants to ensure a crop next year. In fact, in July, August and September of strawberries followed by a second wave building up of leaves, growing new cones (basal annual mini-bushes) and the laying out of new flower buds. The horns deposited nutrients. Their the strawberries will spend next year on education berries. Therefore, it is important how to care for your bushes right now.

1. Cut the old leaves

Old leaves that have served their function, begin to die. It is important to remove them in time. Be careful not to damage hearts and young leaves. The sooner you do, the easier it is. After all, the thicker will be the Bush, the harder it will be to cope with old sheets. To the same diseases and pests that have appeared over the season on the older leaves will have time to go for a new one.

2. Loosen

Carefully loosen the soil between rows to a depth of 10 cm Directly around the bushes to loosen deeply so as not to damage the root system. The strawberries she located superficially. While slightly loosening Spud bushes that grow on strawberry adventitious roots were under a layer of soil.

3. Feed

During this period, strawberries are very demanding on the supply of nutrients. To provide it with the necessary need of mineral fertilizer with micronutrients at the rate of 20 — 30 grams per square meter. Help balanced special fertilizer for strawberries or ammofoska. Very good result gives the compost, which fertilizes the soil and improves its structure.

4. Water

Carefully pour the strawberries after application of a dry dressing. And the rest of the season keep the soil moist, watering is rare, but abundant. After copious irrigation loosen soil, removing weeds. So after watering on the soil surface did not form a crust over mulch the bed of peat.

5. Remove mustache

Cut the newly growing moustache. Bush expends power on the education of the child sockets, and the removal of whiskers stimulates the establishment of new kidneys. Powerfully overgrown young leaves cover the Bush in winter strawberry and contribute to a more successful overwintering.

If the bushes are still young, yearlings, at the end of July — beginning of August, don't forget to stick the moustache to the ground, so they're stuck. The bushes are older — two, three moustache delete. And in August, without regret, say goodbye to the five-year strawberries. Still berries the next year, she will give small, and it takes place a lot.


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Get rid of the disease

If you notice that growing young leaves of strawberries shrivel, deform, it means that plants infected with strawberry mite. Sometimes the leaves appear a rust-brown spots is brown spotting. The plant drops the leaves. To avoid infection, after collecting the last harvest it is necessary to treat the Bush with copper oxychloride.published


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