5 things that happen when your weight becomes ideal

Very nice to look back and note how a change in your weight. It is the result of your perseverance, your efforts. Exercise, diet — and the result is obvious!

When your weight becomes ideal, you need to be prepared for the fact that in addition to positive aspects of this condition, you may be faced with unexpected challenges. We'll talk more about that.


1. First things first: there is a reason to celebrate!

Yes! Let's start with the best. The goal is to get back to our ideal weight is achieved. How nice to see your efforts come to fruition.

And to celebrate this!

  • You can show off your new figure, wearing the dress, which until recently would not have dared to wear.
  • Enjoy the amount of energy which is now filled with your body and be active, for example, enroll in a dance school.
  • You can arrange gala dinner with relatives to you people. But it is better to do without cake and empty carbohydrates. Them well substitute fruit salad dessert made with yogurt and other healthy treats.
 2. It's time to forget about the old habits

Making a choice in favor of healthy food, you will not be able to return to his former way of life. People who have reached your ideal weight, realize the benefits of this condition and get used to eat balanced.

Don't forget about what a difficult path you had to go, and appreciate what you have done for your health.

You might encounter lack of understanding of others when you refuse junk food for the table. Don't worry, just explain that it is necessary for your body, and ask to take your position.

 3. Allow yourself to enjoy food

A healthy lifestyle should not limit you to get from eating pleasure. Permanent bans that you set for yourself will only lead to emotional exhaustion and breakdown.

So you run the risk of re-gain weight.

Don't be afraid to allow yourself a dessert or favorite treat. However, make sure that they contain healthy ingredients or slightly reduce the volume of portions.

Sure, you will find a lot of useful and delicious recipes! Try homemade whole wheat bread with walnuts, banana chips, jelly, etc.

But remember: abuse of the treats, of course, not worth it.

 4. Regularly vzveshivat

No need to walk to the extreme and weighed every day. Enough to do it every 1-2 weeks. Often to weigh is only when unexplained weight fluctuations, this will help determine the cause.

Regular weighing allows you to see the full picture of your health. If you don't have got a special diary during weight loss, do it now and write down the results of weighing.

It would help if, for example, you are introduced to the diet product and the weight increased. You can consult a nutritionist, if there is a relationship.

It is the same with weight loss. If you've increased exercise and dropped weight, but at the same time, you feel weakness and malaise, is to consult with a trainer and nutritionist if you're doing the right thing.


5. With sagging skin can be overcome

Often as a result of severe weight loss skin SAG and becomes less elastic. In order to return to her previous form, use natural remedies and methods will help you massage, contrast showers and a special firming creams.


Sure you will cope with this problem, because you've already proven that a responsible attitude to their health and figure.

Welcome to new life!

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Achieving the ideal weight means the onset of a new phase in your life. You have to learn to love my body and appreciate their efforts and their results.published


Source: steptohealth.ru/5-veshhej-kotorye-proishodyat-kogda-tvoj-ves-stanovitsya-idealnym/


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