5 design techniques that you can replicate at home

We constantly see pictures of beautiful apartments and can't help but notice that sometimes in the most different interiors designers use the same techniques and things. We collect the ideas for the realization of which does not need to start global repair, and share them with you.


White wood floors

Squeaky floorboards or parquet "herringbone" are often covered with white paint. This floor still exudes a simple rustic charm, but the paint softens the coarseness of the material and impressions. It turns out the ideal basis for a trendy urban interior in the Scandinavian style.

The combination of textures

Sequins and fur, mirror and rough stone, crystal and wood — a combination of different textures makes each material to sound brighter and creates the necessary in any good interior internal stress.

Designers advise: if you want to arrange a room in one color, it is the combination of contrasting textures will help to make it boring.

Large wall clock

In the era of smart phones the need of hour as a separate subject entirely disappeared. Wrist we carry as a beautiful accessory or when doing sports, and about the wall, and not forgotten. And for good reason: they can be practical to replace paintings and posters, and huge instances will save the situation, if the house has a big empty wall.

Open hangers

Limited edition sneakers, capsule dress collection, vintage jacket found at a flea market in Berlin... We began to buy less things but treat them more seriously, because often they are real works of fashion art. If you really love your clothes and would like to enjoy it not only when she is wearing on you, buy the hanger-rack.

This move is good for the trendy and practical ladies: in a prominent place to hang the stuff you wear most often, or sets of clothes for the whole week ahead.

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Carpets on the walls

Mats or special decorative fabric — another alternative to conventional paintings. They look more relaxed than the works within, and can add to the interior color or be a unifying the whole space and even mood accent. published

Author: Daria Maslennikova


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