Don't do this, not to hurt myself

1. Don't let people dismiss your feelings or downplay them.


If you feel something, for you it is always real. And no one has the right to say that it does not exist. Never. After all, none of them lives in your body. Not looking with your eyes. No one can experience exactly what you feel. And because no one has the right to tell you what and how you should feel, or judge your feelings. They are important – especially for you. And don't let anyone convince you right.

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2. Don't regret on your decisions.


If you regret made in the past decisions, stop. Remember – then you made the best decision possible, based on existing data and knowledge. These decisions were not made by you, and your younger and much less experienced person, and if you took them now, no doubt you lot would have done differently. So leave yourself alone. Time and experience miraculously make us wiser, richer and help you make the right decisions, both for themselves and for those dear to us.


3. Don't take those you love for granted.


One day, for one reason or another, you will understand that you are someone very important was missing. And it's not how long you saw it or how long you talked to him. You'll just be doing whatever their business, and suddenly realize that you want him around you. Right here, right now. So appreciate every moment, spent with my favorite people – and try to keep those moments as much as possible.


4. Don't allow your selfishness to gain the upper hand over you.


Sometimes we make the decision to be wrong – not because we do something wrong, but because we value our relationship with some people much more than their own pride. Remember – when two people who cared about each other, argue, both are wrong. They put the case in some question above, a private friendship or love. And because in such situations the human was the one who first admit they were wrong and apologize.


5. Do not interfere in every petty dispute encountered on your way.


The fact that you are strong, does not mean that you must stop and fight in every tavern brawl. The fact that you are strong, does not mean that you must respond to rude remarks. And certainly not worth responding to retaliatory insults. Be above, and not stoop to their level – because that's what they want. Keep calm and dignity. Truly strong people are usually smart enough in the face of nonsense, turn away from him and leave with his head held high.


6. Don't let your soul negative.


No matter how much negative pour out on you – not worth it under his thread to give up and get back on the path of self-destruction that they go for a long time. How to deal with his own soul, it's you and only you. And then, if you are happy, determined primarily by the content of your thoughts. So be positive. And know – the best days of your life still ahead.

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7. Don't force love.


Good personal relationships are those relationships in which two people taking past each other, support a future together, and quite love each other to secure the future. So don't force love. Find a partner who will cling to you, yet you will not suffocate, will encourage your growth will allow you to get out of your shell to the world and will believe that you will definitely come back. This is true love, and believe me – its worth the wait.


8. Do not hold those who do not want to be near you.


Yes, sometimes parting with those whom you really do not want to let go, can be very painful, but believe me, if they really don't want to be with you, you not hold still, but you will be more painful. If someone is not returning your love the same and most of the time acting like you don't matter... think about whether so you want to see this person in your life? The only people worth keeping close to those who want to be close to them were you.


9. Don't ignore everyone else's advice without exception.


The worst lie of all – that which we tell ourselves we are. But a real friend because a real one that always tells you the truth, whatever it was unpleasant. And because not everyone takes up arms for your criticism, automatically considering him a hater. Maybe someone really hates you, but not all. Some people you simply care about, that's why they're telling you the truth that you subconsciously deny.


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10. Not give up. Never.


Living in hard times, if you are driving in thick fog. Not always you see, where to go, you constantly think that you are lost, you want to turn around and go back, and every mile seems like an eternity. But whatever you're scared or tired, you have no other choice but to continue to breathe, to look at the road in front of you, keep moving forward and believe that your fate will not leave you.published 


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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