Exquisite Scandinavian interior design: ideas for inspiration

The Scandinavian style has a huge advantage over the other — amazing combinations with other styles. Moreover, these mixes now are more interesting than the style in its purest form.

In front of us the apartment is 78 square meters with classic elements of Scandinavia: a lot of white, the lack of textiles on the Windows, black and white posters on the walls and chairs. But catches the eye it's not listed above not enough for a lasting impression.

The highlight of this apartment in the decoration of walls, moldings, plinths and other decorative panels. The effect is like the photo and frame: only in Duo, these items begin to impress in full force. So here, the walls are truly beautiful and exquisite and typical Scandinavian style again surprise us.




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Source: www.pufikhomes.com/2016/08/izyiskannaya-skandinaviya-na-78-kv-m/


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