To know and not to repeat the error 5 of the kitchen renovation on personal experience

The story began like this: I moved to another apartment. The kitchen was already old, but overall a decent set, and for a while we were trying to make friends. However, plenty of auguralis head on the low hood and the Charter each time on my knees to dismantle the mountain of pots in the depth of the bottom of the Cabinet, I decided, as clothes should ideally sit on the figure, and the kitchen should be "stitched" by my standards.



But I would like to tell you about a simple and important: the decisions that each of us takes before any self-repair. Without errors has not managed, so I want to share the experience on which learning is cheaper than on your own.


The partial approach

In the beginning I concentrated on his goal: I need new furniture, then it is replaceable. Then, as usually happens, the list expanded. In the end, the repair plan were not only the ceiling and walls covered with PVC rails cream color with a pattern of marble. What happened in the end? Beautiful minimalist kitchen, shiny chrome appliances, a decent modern linoleum and totally distracting from the style and spoil the impression of the walls and ceiling.

Morality: doing a partial renovation or a change of furniture, make sure that all elements are in harmony with each other. Or better go to the capital process.


Price savings

I think everyone is intimately familiar with this Murphy's law: trying to save, in the end, will lose. But what to do if you want to save, or even necessary?

I personally next time I will choose more expensive materials for the stove and sink. Cheap stainless steel is easily scratched, it is an eternal dark spots and stains from hard water.

The first time I didn't wash the plate immediately after use (and I gave up pretty quickly), per night in a small area of steel changed its color. Irreversible. And each new scratch on the shell still gives me almost physical pain. Of course, all materials have their drawbacks.

The moral: read articles research before the purchase, pay attention not only to the technical characteristics and price, but also on the material. From it largely depends on how long the item will retain an attractive appearance.

Ergonomics and nonstandard

From the standpoint of convenience, I also made a couple of stocks:

1. The lack of kitchen apron.

PVC panels — not the best material choice for kitchen apron. We own coated panel with hard cardboard and pasted on top of the adhesive film with the effect of the slate.

For the cooking surface put the screen from the old plate. Now the wall is not so bad the fat and water and you can draw with a chalk, right stick the film has turned out only with bubbles. Still better than a glass backsplash or tile yet nothing came up.


2. Washing the wall in the corner.

My kitchen is planned by the letter G. Wanting to increase continuous working surface due to the wing washers, I put the sink in the corner and turned the wing from the wall: still the dishes for me to wash the car. Now on the wing all the time something is dried, it is almost not functional when cooking and the sink in the corner to pull hard, because the products also should be washed and chopping boards are not suitable for the dishwasher.

The moral is: coming up with something unconventional play all the parts in the head many many times before buying, and even better — way to implement an idea and test it live.

It is worth saying that I've made several custom solutions that are just the same I was not disappointed. For example, it refused the hood, and instead of the wall cabinets has chosen open shelves.

Good luck with the repair! And do not repeat my mistakes.published


Author: Anastasia True

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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