How to do self-massage after a contrast shower

1. Standing right; the right foot is over the left and rubs the instep of the left foot. While the right hand in a circular motion rubs your upper back, neck; your left hand is the lower back (15-20) times. Then switch hands and legs.

2. Standing up straight; feet together. Wrists inner side, not touching the head, hold around the head starting at the chin; the hands touch the neck with little effort (behind neck), go to the chest, radiate to the sides (above the nipple of the breast). Hands back on the waist parallel to each other.

The body bends at the waist. Hands slide on the body from the buttocks to the heels (hands are on the back foot, skirting the place under the knees), and then moving to the front at the toes and slide the legs up to the middle of the abdomen, then the chest to the neck and again without touching the scalp, skirting her hands, repeating the same thing. Do 20-30 times.



3. Standing straight, feet shoulder width apart, left arm raised to shoulder level and extended forward, the right hand slides on the outer surface of the left hand to the highest possible position behind the shoulder girdle, back to fingers and then slides along the inner surface of the left hand up to his armpits, ie the sternum, then back here, left hand goes on the right hand and repeats the movement the right hand 20-30 times.

4. Massage the upper part of the chest and abdomen is carried out outstretched fingers and palms of the hands towards each other, from a standing position, feet shoulder width apart. Right hand on left breast, left hand on the right abdomen. The housing is rotated to the right to the highest possible position. His right hand slides across his chest in the same direction, and the left hand in the direction opposite to the rotation. Perform 4 times in one direction, 4 times to another. Only 4-6 cycles.


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5. Standing right, right foot to RUB the instep of the left foot. At the same time the right hand to RUB circular motions over your upper back and neck, left arm, lower back. Perform 15-20 circular movements. Swap hands and legs and repeat the rubbing.published





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