How to get rid of obsessive and unpleasant thoughts

Repetition is the mother of learning. Familiar childhood saying.

Many successful people start achieving goals with visualization of the desired result. About the benefits and techniques of mental training I wrote. This technique allows the mind to create a strong mental image and keep it in mind.

Unfortunately many people use this technique to save the negative image. Of course this happens unconsciously, but the effect is exactly the same.


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The best advice that suggests itself is that you remember something, you need to remember this more often, and if you want to forget something, to remember as little as possible.

Unfortunately, it is not so easy to do. Even impossible things just to forget, especially with regard to frightening images.

You can try just not to think about it, but psychologists suggest to use a different method.

You will need a rubber bandthat must be worn on the wrist and snapping it every time an unpleasant thought comes to your mind. I even know of a man who thus quit Smoking. He flipped himself every time came a desire to "drag".

After a strong shock helps to distract various physical activitythat you enjoy: Hiking, horse riding, various competitions, cleaning ...

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Ellen Henriksen: learn to refuse without feeling guilty


In books on NLP to consciously recommend lose bad experience in my head with all the details. Then do it again, but try to look at ourselves. Then again, without sound and in black and white. But then again imagine the image is small-small, no bigger than a postage stamp...

This allows you to move away from the situation and whenever the memory to scroll without sound, in black and white and tiny size. You know... this method also helps to turn off the thoughts from her head, and fall asleep quickly.published


Author: Dmitry Chernov




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