Scientists: that is, not to grow old

Scientists have discovered a food system that allows you to age slower. Include these foods in your diet to the body is rejuvenated at the cellular level!

There are foods that efficiently activates the anti-aging genes, the researchers said. You can forget about strict diets, stop counting calories and indulge in sweet. The whole effect is to simply add in your diet foods that affect genes. A wonderful and simple recipe for good health and eternal youth!

The first who publicly stated that food can affect genes, was an American dermatologist Nicholas Perricone.

The author of several bestsellers argued that the genetic setup inside the body are not constant. They are susceptible to modifications within a person's life. And the most important way to influence them is what we eat. According to the physician, it is not the number of calories, and the benefits of the nutrients contained in the food. Some foods are just pills of youth that can slow the aging process.

Perricone claims that adhering to the recommended diet of youth, in 60 years, just to look 40.

Proper nutrition allows rejuvenation genes to work even at that age, when they typically shut down.

Medic says:

We get your set of genes in inheritance, having a predisposition to early or late aging, and certain diseases. But some foods when consumed regularly can make adjustments to the global plan.

Many recent studies show that the point of view Perricone is not without reason. For example, an American nutritionist Brunilda Nazario believes that a diet based on the ideas of Perricone does not contradict the principles of modern dietetics and fully justified.

A way of eating does not imply serious restrictions on the products. It only offers to focus on the regular use of certain foods that help the body fight aging.

10 foods regular consumption which allows you to defy aging.

Dark chocolate

We are talking about chocolate with the highest cocoa content. Contained in the cocoa in procyanidin-B2 is an antioxidant which has phenomenal abilities to protect the body from various infections.

First and foremost, this substance is good for the skin. So cocoa is simply necessary for women who want to preserve the freshness of the skin to a ripe old age.


Perricone shared the view of most nutritionists that the salmon and other species of fish that live in cold waters, you need to eat regularly.

Such fish contains fatty acids omega-3 and antioxidants and is a source of protein needed by the body to build tissues. All these three elements are key to rejuvenating the body, because their presence in the diet helps to activate genes, rejuvenating the body, says Perricone.


This spice not only adds a delicate flavor to some dishes and drinks, but is a unique means of prolonging life. Cinnamon regulates blood sugar, improves brain function and improves concentration.

Perricone also claims that the antioxidants in cinnamon can reduce the risk of melanoma. In fact, cinnamon is able to play in the body the same role, and watercress – make “switch” of some genes, actively supporting the immune system.


In most modern diets the fungi are absent. It is believed that this is hard to digest foods, do not have especially valuable nutritional properties. However, in recent years, studies are increasingly showing that some species of mushrooms have beneficial effects on the immune system, improve metabolism and strengthen the liver, emphasizes Perricone.

In particular, shiitake mushrooms contain many beneficial antioxidants. Popular chanterelles are rich in selenium, which is extremely useful for the kidneys and urinary system. In addition, most types of mushrooms are rich in vitamin D, so useful for people who are rarely in the sun.


We have this water vegetable origin are also called watercress. And again — it's all in the antioxidants that enhance the immune system's ability to fight infections and harmful substances, oxidize free radicals, which are the main agents of aging in the body.

In addition to this water vegetable is a natural diuretic — a diuretic that can rid the body of harmful salts that protect the kidneys, liver and reducing the load on the cardiovascular system.

According to Perricone, regular consumption of watercress in the body activates certain genes that produce the most important for the immune system substances.

Seeds sage

Sage is considered a medicinal plant for thousands of years, but doctors often refer to it disparagingly, as to most other means of "folk medicine."

Perricone claims that this is not true, but he makes adjustments in the traditional attitude to the sage, offering regular eating than the grass and its seeds.

They are rich in omega-3, including genes literally rejuvenate the body. In addition, these seeds high concentration of vitamin E and calcium, which is necessary to build bone tissue.

Green tea

Green tea in abundance contain catechins — natural antioxidants that prevent aging and promote weight loss by slowing down the absorption of excess fat.

According to the study, regular consumption of green tea accelerates burning of body fat by 15-20%.

Some studies show that green tea is a major "switch" for genes that can protect the body from cancer. For example, breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men.

Green tea rejuvenates the skin and improves brain function, says Perricone.


One of the key elements in the fight against obesity. Ginger contains essential oils that stimulate the production of gastric juice and improve digestion. Due to this, the body spends more energy and burns fat cells.

Also, some studies show that regular consumption of ginger improves skin condition.

And according to the study, two grams of ginger a day is enough to 20% to lower the sugar level in the blood. In other words, ginger helps prevent diabetes.


Benefit of grapefruit is proven and beyond question. New research only complement before the received data and show that grapefruit even undervalued.

His power not only in the high content of vitamin C, as in the ability to regulate the level of insulin in the blood.

And the bitter membrane, which is a throw away, really need to eat with the flesh — that they contain naringin, an antioxidant, promoting the burning of fat in the body and the conclusion of excess of bile.


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