9 reasons for a strong woman to be in a relationship a bit weaker

A strong woman is a real gift for your man and his family: she knows how much manages itself. We in the Website have wondered how self-sufficient the fair sex to be happy next to your loved one and outlined the 9 components of relationships that you need to bring this up.

1. Determination

Dieselnoi ledinit nothing more valuable than a man who is able to make decisions. Contrary to popular clichés, a strong woman will not be offended if a man will undertake to make decisions for her and take her shoulders this heavy burden.

2. Initiative

The "formula" of a strong man to make decisions, implement them and be responsible for the consequences. The man makes the first step, but a woman can take the initiative, but gently and tenderly, like a true girl: "accidentally" meet him, or call "case".

3. Frankness

Often, strong women think men are insensitive breadcrumbs, selfish and emotionless and literally require them to be honest. Society has taught men to suppress emotions and to endure the problems quietly. A wise woman should realize that man started to Express his emotions, you need a lot of time and patience.

4. Attention

Exclusive attention to men in everything — from passionate participation in the conversation tete-a-tete until the fullness of passion in bed — the requirement of a confident woman. But sometimes letting go means to hold.

5. Trust

Strong lady said impatiently and directly relates to the metaphors, allusions and empty words and disrespect. With that kind of woman a man always can not enough determination to confess. In this case, come to an understanding will help the patience and the ability to trust and forgive.

6. Plans

She is constantly in motion and development — a strong and energetic woman, it is possible to build arbitrarily long collaborative projects. Near woman needs to always be in shape and to maintain this pace. Life experience both here will only help if you stop competing and learn from it.

7. Ideal

Confident women are hard to get jealous, because she knows what is worthy. This will only lead to the fact that a strong woman would decide, once you get her attention enough, you simply do not stand.

8. Interests

A strong and intelligent woman can think of a few absolutely not related to each other things, and does not require her to communicate exclusively on topics of interest to her. She appreciates her man as an intellectual interlocutor who respects her. A wise woman takes care of man like a child, and tightens down to their level.

9. Support

Unquestioning, "Honey, you're right — it's not about a strong woman, as well as boundless criticism. If she thinks you're wrong, necessarily will tell you about it. But she will support you in any situation, not only when you earn good money, because it considers man as an equal partner.

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