13 tips on how to quickly get in shape, from famous mom

Famous actress, singer and model every day to Shine in front of cameras and delight the audience with their beauty. But in life, many of them comes from a happy and long-awaited moment of pregnancy and preparation for motherhood, when you look stunning it becomes not so simple.

The website says the famous mom, who easily managed to get back in shape after giving birth, reveals their secrets and tells them: "Bravo!"

Catherine Zeta-Jones

During pregnancy the Oscar-winning diva scored 19 kg, which easily dealt with the help of crash diets. It is based on low-calorie foods, and the main feature in vegetable soups for dinner.

Salma Hayek

The joys of motherhood is reflected in the figure of the celebrity of 23 extra pounds. And only thanks to a strict Mediterranean diet, the actress is rapidly regained harmony. The main product of this diet are olives and olive oil.

Jennifer Lopez

Becoming a mom, J. Lo has been actively deal with being 22 lbs. And has chosen for this proven path of low-calorie protein diet, where 1400 calories a day — the extreme permissible level.

Amy Adams

Amy is one of the few Hollywood Actresses who believe that weight loss is not the main goal on the way to beauty. After the birth of her daughter she did not exhaust itself painful limitations, and chose to return to its former shape pole dancing.

Adriana Lima

Despite the fact that supermodel Victoria's Secret for 9 months only gained about 15 kg, these changes dramatically affect her perfect image. To return to the form that Lima ate 2000-2500 ml of spring water each day and rapidly jumped on a conventional jump rope.

Kate Winslet

The star of "Titanic" has always been curvaceous, but more than 20 kg not included in her plans. For Kate was designed by fancy detox program on "analysis of the face, at which water, herbal tea and vegetables.

Zoe Saldana

Naturally slender Zoe during pregnancy has reached a critical point in my weight — 83 kg. Her chief assistant in the fight with them — not the diet and the three components of physical activity: dancing, Boxing, and Pilates. In food it still uses your favorite Latin American cuisine, but in a lightweight form.


After a few months after the birth of a daughter Beyonce shone in the spotlight. This, according to the singer, she owes much of breastfeeding has a positive effect on the figure. The singer also often eats favorite pineapple — effective fat burner.

Jessica Alba

Shortly after birth, Jessica was offered a fat new contract, so there was a question about rapid weight loss. Her secret diet "3+2+1 three full meals, two snacks and one liter of water per day. The actress also recommends that you always eat exactly half of what you brought the waiter in the plate.

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