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Mars holds a special place in world culture. Its the red planet has provided such brilliant works as "the Martian Chronicles" by ray Bradbury, "the War of the worlds" Herbert wells, "the Second invasion of the Martians" by the Strugatsky brothers and a series of books about John Carter Edgar Burroughs. Now quite incredible seems the fact that the initial push to the imaginations of scientists and science fiction writers about the Martian civilization was only one inaccurately translated word.
In the XIX century optics has reached a stage of development that astronomers were able to observe not only the motion of the planets of the Solar system, but also to consider the details of their surface. One of the first to study the surface of Mars has been the Italian Giovanni Schiaparelli. In 1877, he shared the results of his observations in a treatise in which he described a long thin line on the surface of the red planet. In their attitude Schiaparelli used the word "canali", meaning in the Italian language as the work of a human and of natural education. The second value is lost in the translation of the works of the Italian astronomer in the English language. The word "canals," the translator selected for their similarity to the Italian counterpart, means only the channels of artificial origin. The response to the work of Schiaparelli was the so-called "Martian fever". Scientists and people of creative professions began to make ambitious assumptions about what it looks like or looked like civilization on this planet. To dispel misconceptions generated more incorrect translations, astronomers could only a hundred years later. In the 70-ties of the last century, when the satellite was able to produce a photographic survey of Mars, it became clear that most of the canals were an optical illusion.
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