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When it comes to organization, there are several great options, including folders, registrars occupy a worthy place. They are not only easy to use but with the help of a reliable mechanism mounts offer a great way to group large volumes of paper documents, ensuring that nothing is lost or left behind. Thanks to the organizer you can free up workspace, archive documents and have free access to them. Folder recorder, despite its simplicity, perfectly cope with its task.


Folders registrars are not only the cornerstone of effective organization of working space, but also very convenient to use outside the office. Many customers of Internet-shop of Stationery Officea4 use them at home and at school to create a tutorial or even write a recipe book.

What is the feature of folders registrars

In the era of innovative technologies almost always used all sorts of gadgets. Although most transactions take place via computer and Internet, every conclusion of a Treaty sealed with the bilateral signature of paper documents. If the campaign is engaged in many projects, storage of documentation, without special folders may be problematic.


Folder lever arch was invented by Louis LatAm in 1896. It is usually made of plastic or cardboard that form a hard surface. The Central elements are two rings, on which paper is placed for storage. Rings can be open and close for insertion and removal of papers at any time.


On the website OFFICEA4 in the presence of a wide range of archive folders of different colors, including blue, black, pink and others. Protective matte or glossy cover ensures that it will remain bright for a long period of time. Please be more colored files to organize notes for audit, office documents or for home use on my Desk.

The advantages of using folders for documentation

A file folder is ideal for providing safety and security of your documents while conducting the work in class or at meetings. Document folders with rings and lever mechanisms provide a comfortable place for your documents. The store also has dividers, so they not only kept, but was well-organized.


If documentation to use folders registrars, it is possible to significantly simplify the work. This accessory has a number of positive characteristics:

  • ease of use;
  • low cost;
  • makes it possible to classify the papers (by date, color);
  • protects from damage and loss of documents, as metal elements guarantee the secure hold.

These folders are not only practical and professional but also have a nice fashionable design that will beautify any room and add style to a workspace.


That the documentation was in proper condition to find the right folder on the logger. Manufacturers such as Optima, Buromax and Economix offers a wide selection of models that can be chosen based on personal preferences and peculiarities of work.


If you want to find the right folder, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

  • the width of the end part;
  • the format of the folder;
  • material;
  • manufacturer.

The most common are the folders A3, A4, A5, since such paper is most often used in offices.


Regardless of your personal taste, archive folders can be classy, eye-catching accessories for your desktop or jewelry and easy to fit into any workspace. If you want a beautiful and reliable folder recorder, buy in Kiev, it can wholesale and retail at the best Internet prices on the website OFFICEA4.


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