Look how looks the house where nothing has changed for 40 years

This spacious American home, located in Massachusetts, it would seem, is no different from many others. But he has some secret.

In the early 70-ies of the last century, the owner made it very fashionable at the time to repair, and since the interior of the house remained practically unchanged.

Just look at this bathroom — such would be the envy of every hippie!

More than 300 square meters 5 bedrooms, living, dining, games, office, and garden with swimming pool.

Textiles, furniture, decor items — all were in their places, as a few decades ago. Real time machine!

625 000 $ — and you are the owner of this stylish house from the past can be nostalgic for the old days at least every day. It would be great to get to a place, isn't it?

Source Century 21 Cuddy
Photo preview of CENTURY 21 CUDDY

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