A cosy cottage in white color: everything you need to 57m2

White combined with any colors and materials appropriate to each style and space – tell about the main "superpowers" of white in the atmosphere of a country house.

The area of this Scandinavian cottage is just 57 square meters, although due to the layout, and unconventional L-shaped house seems much larger. For its design the owners chose white and not lost. Tell why.

1. White – universal

White looks appropriate in any style of design, be it minimalist loft, high-tech, modern or Scandinavian style. Moreover, it is neutral and is not able to bore, and therefore perfectly suited to the role of the main color.

2. And very friendly

White goes well with any color and shade works well with all natural and artificial materials: wood, metal, textiles, tube, bricks, glass and any types of plastic.

3. White reflects color

Reflective ability of the white help make the room brighter. The main thing – to choose the right shade and careful selection of artificial lighting (depending on warm or cold light, the color can poseret or yellow).

4. The white there are many shades

Due to the large number of shades, white interior can be different: cool or warm, textured or more "flat" boil-and-white or gray, beige, dairy notes. The richness of the range allows the setting to be boring and offers a lot of individual solutions.

5. He knows how to push the wall

About a unique feature of white color to expand the space has long been known, and it is strange not to use it, especially in a limited area. Do not forget about adequate lighting, or the dark corners will bring the whole visual effect.

6. White – the perfect backdrop for all

Another "superpower" of the white is that it is a perfect unifying background color. Choosing the correct proportions, with the help of white can be linked together even shades and materials, it would seem impossible to combine in a single interior.


Author: Katerina Boglevskaya


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