10 ways to get in shape by the dancers of the Bolshoi Theatre

For each of us, toned body - a synonym for beauty, but for the professional dancers - and even an essential condition for a successful career. Not surprisingly, the dancers of the Bolshoi Theatre is considered an expert in the field of nutrition and physical activity. We are in the Website have studied the biography of Maya Plisetskaya and collected for you useful tips to help you become a model of harmony.

1. Soup - a lunch rather than a prelude to dinner

If you want to flutter above the stage, you have to eat a little less. If possible, eliminate the flour and salt, lean on vegetables. But do not get carried away with restrictions, otherwise the risk to break and to buy all the chocolate in the district.

2. Know what foods are really useful Scientists told to eat salmon, almonds, olives, avocado and pepper. Include them in your diet, and you will have more energy.

3. Want to stretch out - read the twine

No need to be zealous, if you have not quite stretched your legs as wide as you can, and read. Or watch the new series.

4. Keep a food diary Hands are a little less actively reach for donuts, if then have to confess to the crime diary.

5. Want ballet leg - get ready for work

Jump rope. Suffice it 3 minutes a day under the fiery music. Take the simplest plies: a little place feet, toes apart and squat, keeping heels on the floor. The result was not long in coming.

6. Drink plenty of water really need to drink plenty of water. If you forget - set up the bottle with water, where work, sleep, relax. In the morning immediately put the bottle in a bag or backpack. If you do not like to drink water - add a bit of flavor. Put the bottle in a few berries or a slice of apple.

7. Stop finally slouch

Beautiful posture will make you slimmer. Buy posture corrector in the pharmacy and do strengthening exercises for the spine.

8. Do not let yourself get bored No matter you do ballet or fitness, if you get bored - most likely abandoned. Combine and experiment, turn it into a workout into fun. Today, go to the hip-hop, yoga tomorrow, then for a swim - because the pursuit of a slender silhouette does not become a routine

9.. Enter image

Buy a nice pack, or body, or leggings - if you go to the gym, you will be sorry not to use them

10.. Learning to balance possible even in the subway Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and would not hold. Another great way to work on the sense of balance and at the same time tighten the legs and buttocks - exercises on gym ball.

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