Opinion about Volochkova Bolshoi Theatre

Russia remained without Bolshoi Theatre
Oct. 28th, 2011 at 6:19 PM
Today is the opening of the Bolshoi Theatre, the event is presented as a grand. Bolshoi Theatre has always been the hallmark of Russia, he was famous for his wealth auditorium, sophistication, antiques, where it all go - known or God, or the person who manages the Bolshoi Theatre for 11 years. When he came into the room, you will not see those elegant chandeliers that formerly adorned the auditorium, the bronze handles, luxurious bronze stucco replaced by plastic, the impression that it is glued on PVA glue.
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Today, the Bolshoi Theatre you will not see that the decoration, which was earlier, now it is a miserable parody of its former luxury

Everything was looted, while there was a reconstruction, and it is no secret that it was not a reconstruction, but simply the destruction of the Bolshoi Theatre. At the moment, it created a box that only vaguely resembles the style and appearance. And all the furniture of the dismantling was in 2005, in 2009 the theater filled-other people. Thanks to them, that build, needs Russian Bolshoi Theatre. The first budget was so plundered that have already allocated the second. It is unclear who else will be responsible for this? And who was behind the scenes more? Who saw that was in place and doroguschego precious parquet, sweaty, nerves, strength and soul of those artists, dancing there for many years and became a legend of the ballet? Instead, now the parquet flooring and the Grand Theatre inside like a mental hospital. Who built it? In the locker room, designed for 14 people, not even a window in the rehearsal halls ceiling height such that, if supported by the young man to raise a girl on the height of the arm, dancer, probably a concussion. How is that possible to build? And that's not all you can talk about it.

I believe that the success rate of the theater - its creative component,

Mr. Iksanov turned everything into commerce, but not in a good way, but in the sense of "all for the money." The man with the money, may indicate Behold the ballerina will dance, but this is no. It is no secret that I have become a hostage of this situation when Iksanova said Volochkova remove at any cost, and he did it in front of the whole world, I'm sorry, but the world-famous ballerina ... Ixanov even during his reign he admitted that he does not understand or the opera or the ballet. It is this component and disorganized. What kind of professionalism you can speak here?
We all have before my eyes a vivid example of Yuri Grigorovich, who led the theater for 30 years. At the time there was a galaxy of artists on the same stage at the same time: Maya Plisetskaya, Mikhail Lavrovsky, Maris Liepa, Vladimir Vasilyev, Ekaterina Maximova, Natalia Bessmertnova, Nina Semizorova, Lyudmila Semenyaka, Alexander Godunov, Alexander Vetrov, Gediminas Tarada ... I shall not continue, not to offend anyone, because Many are no longer alive, and they were my teachers. When Grigorovich situation of complete lawlessness was impossible. Ask today unsophisticated people: What are the names 5 ballerinas dancing? You matter to put people into a dead end. And to the question, what is happening today with the Bolshoi Theater, you say, "for repair, it seems." This is normal ???
I have great respect for Nikolai Tsiskaridze honesty, his open point of view, I consider it a major artist of the Bolshoi Theatre, the creativity, shocking, his personality, courage, he drew attention to the theater.

Tsiskaridze - one of the main and brightest artists of the Bolshoi Theater

to participate in the mud, which flowed on me, what I experienced - it's scary. He was not afraid to reveal the truth and now, saying, "You guys brains powdered President, you are invited to a rehearsal." There's not all the artists on stage allowed, 30 people, and everyone warned: if you say the truth, dire consequences will not keep you waiting. I am a brave man, I took such that many men can not afford to sustain. And that allowed himself a tyrant Gadelzyanovich Tahir, who is still hiding his true identity behind the pseudonym "Anatoly G.," is beneath the dignity of any normal man. I then handed him to court for wrongful dismissal and won. This person must answer for their actions, because both then and now, the Bolshoi Theater - is state structure, rather than a private shop, not corporate, where all the money Uncle Vasya can dictate who and what to dance.
Take as an example of such a fact: Premera- Russian Theatre, Moscow, Bolshoi Ballet and dancing performance foreigner, a man from America. The logic there?
Someone has to take responsibility for the fact that the Bolshoi Theatre in ruins.




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