18 classroom life hacking, which will allow you to save a lot of money

How often have to throw your favorite jeans, because they have become small, or shoes, which instead of former comfort leave only corn. But very often you can find a way to bring back the former things look and practicality. < Website publishes a compilation of life hacking, which will help restore the former kind of clothes in minutes.

Use a wax pencil to draw, to fix the jammed lock on the jacket

Photo source: Adme.ruSmes lemon juice and water will help get rid of sweat stains on clothing and avoid discoloration

reduce drying time, wrapped in a towel wet things and good crushing them

Now you no longer lose your socks or other small things - wash them in a bag for clothes

When the need to insert the string into your hoodie, use a straw. The thing goes like clockwork

Or take the pin to return the string in place

razor suitable for removing vybivshihsya thread on an old sweatshirt

If you have a dryer salad, use it for drying small things - this will save a lot of time

Save saturated color of dark things will help vinegar. Add half a cup of vinegar to the last stage of washing

rinse Instead take a little lavender essential oil - it will give a pleasant smell for a long time things

12-15 drops diluted in a liquid detergent before being added to the washing machine. If you do not like lavender oil, you can get another

If you accidentally sat on gum, do not worry. Remove sticky substance easily if frozen, and then scraped off, for example with a butter knife

Baby powder perfectly removes oil stains from clothes

to get rid of ink stains on his shirt, just put hand sanitizer on the stain and wait 10 minutes 7,821,334

Traces of grass is easy to remove, if you connect the liquid soap and hydrogen peroxide 49,157,028

Mix 1 tbsp. l. liquid soap and 2 tablespoons. l. hydrogen peroxide. Apply a trace of grass and wait for 10 minutes, then rinse

bicycle repair kit will fix the boots 81,759,926

Tea bags shoes relieve the unpleasant odor. Just put them on some time inside

A shaving cream removes traces of make-up with clothes

Well, if you have jeans that you are small, here's a simple life hacking, how to wear them

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