Vadim Zeland: People do not realize that the sick and dying foolishly


In order to get a real benefit from their chosen style of power supply must have an elementary culture. If we start from primitive notions and habits, such as "buy dumplings cook, lay a newspaper, and quickly eat them", or "eat fruits and vegetables, and all - and all will be", then there will be nothing, no good <. br>

We must understand that the body - not a locomotive firebox and push to get everything without consideration and analysis of, in the hope that "everything will burn," well, just stupid. In the body, it laid some cushion, but not unlimited, so the argument is still necessary to have. If the culture is reduced to the concept of "snikersnut" something, and somehow, it is inevitable there will be problems.
Vadim Zeland: People do not realize that the sick and dying foolishly

While lifestyle for centuries remained unchanged, food culture existed and passed naturally from generation to generation. But when civilization has embarked on the path of development of man-made, lifestyle began to change rapidly, and the experience of continuity not pace.

In such circumstances, food culture, not only lost (a significant portion has been lost), but also crippled - degraded by factors that do not have any relation to nutrition, such as for example chemical treatment and ... advertising

. What to do, personally, I do not know. Here, the rescue of drowning - the handiwork of drowning. If you do not want to know what and how to feed and how and what you can not, then go to the hospital, or directly to the cemetery. Really, that's what. Relying on experience and common sense of mankind has become impossible. Point of no return seems to have passed.

Ever since mankind has shifted to white flour, margarine and yeast artificial, common sense does not work. Margarine, as a purely synthetic product, clouding consciousness. A yeast as an alien life-form (in fact, a monster), is embedded in the body and controls the mind so that it wanted to eat so that the needs of the monster.

For reference. White flour - cooking is carried to the point of absurdity. The most valuable thing in the grains is in the embryo and shell. White flour is obtained by purification of wheat from the membrane and nucleus. Thus, all of value is removed and there is only the dead part, consisting primarily of starch. The liver becomes clogged mazutoobraznoy weight, starch is deposited in the body in the form of mucus, intestinal walls become clogged with plaque.

Margarine and spreads (trans fats) are made from refined vegetable oil second pressing, which is produced with the use of chemical solvents. Refined oil thereupon heated and hydrogenated by passing hydrogen therethrough. The result is a mixture of isomers of unknown nature, which has the consistency of soft clay, a disgusting smell and color.

In order to make this "product" product quality, to add another bunch of all kinds of chemicals. Trans fats are extremely toxic and have the ability to accumulate in the body, causing a number of dangerous diseases: stress, atherosclerosis, heart disease, cancer, obesity, sick children, weakened immunity, low potency, etc.

What is harmful artificial yeasts:

- This is essentially alien body - mushrooms.

- Imagine your body lives mushroom

. - Sami yeast baking die, and their arguments are no

. - The ability to penetrate into the bloodstream, and therefore, in any body

. - In the course of ability to live isolated mycotoxins.

- Once in the body, begin to rebuild the entire environment for themselves

. - Symbiontic (healthy) microflora is suppressed, and pathogenic blooms.

- The body becomes easily accessible to foreign bacteria and viruses.

- Create ideal conditions for the development of cancer cells

. Why do I say that mankind in matters of food (as in many other matters), can not be trusted? If the human flock en masse produces and consumes what it kills, then, clearly, it can not be trusted. How can you trust a drug addict, for example?

The man who in the problem, the problem does not see or does not want to see. A problematic society - and certainly not want to see their own problems, or even unable to see, because the herd is in the illusion of security. Here, see, finally, that "smoking kills", after in tobacco began to add chemicals, and as a result he was to kill even more. But the same inscription - "kills" - it is safe to glue on all the supermarket synthetics. Illusion calms only that kills slowly and imperceptibly.

People do not notice that get sick and die foolishly - because of the lack of elementary culture of power. Since then, both in the diet there's three main components - White flour, margarine, yeast - culture over and began matrix

. These components are included in all the most common and everyday products - pastries. It's like a base matrix circuit (not culture) power. The main thing - to lay the foundation for people to have lost sanity, as in the fairy tale about Sinbad the Sailor. Then they will not think, why get sick and die, and in general, for what purpose it all. On the farm because the cattle did not realize what and why is it fed?

And here as well, the only difference is that you do not die, and the people themselves build their own farm, and more excel in food technology, to meet the body and mind by the matrix targets. In the matrix on its human types, remind once again:

The cells should be filled with compliant elements. But these elements have to be in the first place, it is not healthy to not have free energy, and secondly, a little fucked up, so as not to understand where they are. Energy conscious and will be missed just enough to properly discharge their responsibilities - no more, no less

. The transition from a traditional to a living food does not mean some kind of breakthrough in the food culture, if the basic principles are not respected. Consider what sort of principles are violated.

1. The diet should be a constant, unchanging.

Kitchen (set of products and processes for their preparation) shall be established a certain constant. The diet in general should not be changed dramatically, such as unnecessarily jump from one to the other national cuisine. This is due mainly to the intestinal microflora which is adapted for varying the digestion of food. She slowly rebuilds, the adaptation may take months. Therefore, any transition should be smooth, gradual. If we are talking about the transition to a living food, there is all the more impossible to hurry, because the added another factor - intensified cleansing of the body. You can not bring themselves to a state of increased toxicity. So, in modern conditions, and in particular young people, it is better not adjusted for months but for years.

2. The diet should be as diverse.

At the same time, the dishes must be as simple and monosyllabic composed of such ingredients. It is better to eat more, but something one at a time. Variety is required only in a general range. Some only fruits and vegetables - this is a very poor diet. If you want to eat something sort, so the body that something is missing. For example, the brain consumes more than a quarter of the energy of the body, for its operation needs lecithin. Chocolate lecithin is, and in fruits and vegetables it is not - that's desirable. But why overeat chocolate, if the same bean lecithin in full?

3. Food should be fun.

The human brain is so constituted - he must have fun. If there is no pleasure, serotonin is not produced, and then everything is bad. If there is no pleasure, the brain will look for him, including among artificial stimulants. Food - one of the main pleasures, it must be delicious cooked. If what you eat, it is useful, but taste good, you will always want something profane, but tasty, and this trial will continue as long as the brain does not receive its portion of pleasure. Therefore, it is not necessary to engage in masochism, do not chew a green salad as a cow, it is necessary to look for a simple but delicious recipes, and receive not only the benefits but also the pleasure - this is the culture of live food. Live food can and should be tasty.

4. Artificial stimulants and relaxants excluded.

To pay still have interest. That is, from something artificial is always less good than harm. Giving back is not justified. First, it feels better and then get worse. Depression and panic attacks - a new generation of disease. They are caused by none other than the chemical components in products. Chemistry is an altered state of consciousness, to a greater or lesser degree, but always. A further cause intoxication, despite the fact that the toxins are "packed in barrels." Not all of them are packed. But if you treat the investigation of its cause, the situation will only get worse.

You can ask the question: what artificial coffee and chocolate? If they are eco-friendly, natural, then probably nothing if in moderation. Only now natural coffee and chocolate is difficult to find. This is big business, all plantations abundantly watered chemistry, not to mention the fact that added to the final product. The harm is not even in the most caffeine, and in concomitant chemistry. The best and safest stimulant - wild raw cocoa beans. They can just chew, make cocoa or chocolate candy. The effect is felt immediately, and without consequences.

5. The main principle - products should be natural.

This means non-GMO, yeast, chemicals, synthetics. The supermarket is hardly collected a 1-5% that can be attributed to natural products. (Although, the reality is changing, and progress is already there.) The product that is "signed, and was buried" for a long shelf life, can not be considered natural. Additives which imitate the "nature-identical" - too synthetic, no matter how they ryadilis. Eat "long-playing" (dolgohranyaschimisya) fruits and vegetables from the supermarket - things madness. For the body there is nothing worse than synthetic (artificially synthesized) toxins.

Nature billions of years of evolution has provided everything except this. If the body could talk, it would say: you can starve me, hunger, torture exorbitant physical exertion, to throw me in the heat or cold, can bleed, you can beat, torture, and even cut, I will tear down ... but, if you I slack off, you fool, you and me will be bad, very bad - all just a very bad end.


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