What questions can hear novice rawfoodist from other people about the benefits or harm to a raw food diet?

Changing your lifestyle, be prepared that all sides will crumble different questions, often provocative. First, please be patient. Moscow is not built in a day, and eating habits brought over the years. Patient relation to all matters respecting the views and good-natured companion to help establish and maintain harmonious relations with the outside world.

Secondly, because the article is devoted to the issues that gives a raw food diet, consider some of the issues to raw foodists.

1. You are all to live now will live on salads? Why deprive yourself of pleasure, and if life is so short and so problematic?

Life on the salad - it's not exactly ... raw food diet salad - food for the transition period. Why improve and perfect as food, for example, an apple? Raw foodists be very simple: wash apple, I brushed or cut and eaten. Or even easier, plucked and ate. A minimum of utensils, gas and electricity savings, but most importantly - the time! Time for development!

Life is short and often because that person does not live in harmony "spirit-body". Awareness, which rises on a raw food diet, allows you to look for ways of finding spiritual balance, which is the key to longevity.

2. My son (daughter), now you do not even eat Russian salad (chicken, cake) for the holiday table?

Very often deters people from the fear of raw food to be the "black sheep" in the circle of relatives and friends. Family holidays, various celebrations are always a plethora of cooked food. But there is a feeling just at the beginning of the raw food diet. Besides, there are plenty of recipes for different dishes from raw foods. And even if rawfoodist the holiday table will eat only brought with them grapes or avocados, do not worry. Experience shows that several such gatherings, and people get used. In fact, each person only concerned about his problems, and occasional emphasis on an unusual diet - the usual curiosity

. 3. Well, why raw? Our ancestors ate whole life boiled and fried food!

By their physiology man has a lot in common with herbivores. Is the human mind was given to learn to cook? Why did the elephant do not cook or fry, but quietly grows to an enormous size? Why Tiger caught the victim, not running to look for a fire to roast barbecue?

That's because every organism is genetically laid down instructions for its use. For a person instruction is as follows: the living plant foods, especially fruits. Bay in the engine instead of the engine oil, under instruction, plain water or shampoo solution to travel by car will not work. Moreover, it may break. So it is with the human body.

However, socialization processes jammed natural instincts. "Everyone eats meat, and you, daughter, eat." Although the meat in its natural state with blood never caused this appetite in humans. Do not you wonder why in the advertising of meat or sausages are always used tomatoes, bell peppers, greens?

4. Where are you going to take the necessary and essential vitamins, minerals, proteins?

The answer is very simple. I do not know. Giraffe and elephant also did not know where they come from all these alleged essential substances. But currently live happily ever after in the wild. Raw food diet essentially eliminates the possibility of a shortage of something in the body.

We have reviewed the most common questions that arise for raw foodists novice. In fact, their great variety. In any case, the ability to listen to and respect for the other person - the key to understanding syroednogo lifestyle

. Conclusions to be a simple: raw food diet as a way of human development really gives a lot of advantages in comparison to conventional power thermally processed food. A word of advice: get yourself a diary (paper or a blog) and record the slightest changes. Even after a month of raw food you can estimate how much good you can get from this food.

Overall, the results are impressive raw food diet. But do not assume that this is a panacea for all the problematic issues in life. The ability to defend his point of view about power and respect the opinions of others - this is truly a culture of a raw food diet. Good luck to all raw foodists and always delicious fruits!


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