Indicators that with this man may build a strong and happy family:

• your relationship began with the friendship and communication, physically you are not much attracted to each other (wild passion and sexual desire - a strong indicator of karmic ties, if the plunge into a relationship, the output of which will be in pain and suffering);

• you experience a feeling of emotional warmth next to this man, affection and unconditional love. The more you open up to each other, the sense of spiritual intimacy becomes deeper and secret things;

• you very interesting together, you have a similar view of the world, common goals and values, and the same idea, for which the family is created (this is the main indicator - look for the one who goes to the same place and you);

• You have no illusions about this man, you look at it without rose-colored glasses, seeing the bright and dark sides, but taking both sides, not trying to change the other, and giving him the right to be oneself (respectively, it also comes toward you, appreciate your uniqueness, without trying to fix anything);

• you complement each other. Despite the fact that your quality is largely, principles and perspectives on life are similar, yet you will have differences. The second person will be strong in those matters in which you are weak, and vice versa. In some pairs, unfortunately, can become a pretext for conflict, but if you find common ground, it can harmoniously complement each other, significantly expanding the boundaries of the world to each other;

• It corresponds to the image of the Soul your mate, that is has the qualities that are truly important to you. Or, has the potential to uncover these qualities, which are shown in the process of your communication;

• And last, slim figure. Your chat can last for many years, during which time you can disperse and permanently separated, but something always connects you without letting rip the invisible thread that connects your soul. Like, the very holding constantly driving you, in spite of any obstacles and circumstances


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