In Italy, the police prepared a dinner for lonely pensioners, frightened news

unusual thing happened recently in Rome. Four police officers arrived at the call received from the neighbors of an elderly couple, who are concerned about the loud crying coming from their apartment.

84-year-old Jolie and her 94-year-old husband Michele really crying, but not because someone has committed a crime. It turned out that the couple suffered from loneliness and constant negativity flowing from the TV screen - very affordable entertainment for them. This was the last straw: once seniors simply did not survive the next evening news and began to sob


Understand what is happening, the police officers called for Joly and Michele ambulance, but that their participation was not limited. They decided to see if there's food in the house, and it turned out that it almost was not. Apparently, lonely old men were not under force to prepare, and they have long been fed somehow.

Therefore, the police decided not to waste time waiting for arrival of an ambulance. One of them is prepared for an elderly couple simple but tasty dinner - spaghetti with parmesan cheese and butter, and three other guards of the order at that time entertained their conversation

. It is difficult to say that had the greatest effect of a sedative - a hot meal or a simple human communication. It is clear only that the elderly - especially lonely - is absolutely necessary care


Website admires such actions and calls you to be more attentive to neighbors and friends: what if they, too, need a hot meal and friendly participation ?

Source Questura di Roma
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