You would not guess that takes this brilliant photographer


Suren Manvelyan engaged in photography for over 20 years. His method is unique: it removes their masterpieces extreme close-up. You guessed it, what is at stake?

Today Website shares his amazing photos with incredible detail, which show that the eyes of any living creature -. It is a separate universe

Chimpanzee cca685fc02.jpg

discus Fish 1d4967b26f.jpg

Husky e5c61d8201.jpg

macaw parrot fe7d61eb38.jpg

Gecko cd46e24649.jpg

Horse 53365fb39f.jpg

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eared owl 8857a3c87d.jpg

Crocodile 57760efcd4.jpg

Fish bc878c5920.jpg

Siamese 970ce8d3ec.jpg

Cayman 4038eeb7e1.jpg

Parrot Kramer 107969a691.jpg

Raven 80618553b6.jpg

red-eared sliders 6894054006.jpg

Man b30d7343ab.jpg

Source Suren Manvelyan
By Suren Manvelyan

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