20 ingenious ways to turn rubbish into useful gizmos

Sometimes inspiration comes quite suddenly. I would like to do or just get out of the house, but what if not provided the necessary materials on hand? Why not look around, because what today was supposed to fly into the trash can transform into something incredible.

Website gathered for you 20 simple ideas as his own hands to give old things new life.

Planters for flowers

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Physical media is gradually fading, giving way to cloud services. Therefore, if you have a house deserted shelf for CDs, do not hesitate to transform it into flower pots.

Bright rug from old t-shirts

When your T-shirt suddenly appeared hopelessly torn or damaged, do not rush to send it to rags, because, accumulating 3-4 such things, it is easy to make an unusual rug in the hallway, bathroom and any other room.

Colorful bowl of buttons

If you have a bit of unnecessary buttons and an hour of time, then you can safely take yourself and your child, and make merry under the plate fruit or candy. Detailed video can be viewed here.

Key charms of wine corks

This idea will be especially useful for water recreation lovers and lying by the pool, as in the case of falling into the water tube will not give keys to drown. But it is better to first test the finished stick in a glass of water.

Incredibly comfortable jars for storing spices

In the boxes out of the Tic Tac you can store anything you want - from garden seeds to paper clips. Feel free to fantasize, and here you can see instructions on how to empty jars magically transformed into a cute and most importantly, practical containers for storing different kinds of spices.

Packing for cupcakes from the container for eggs
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Surprisingly, from the gray nondescript cardboard packaging can get a great box of cupcakes. You just need a little paint it and add decorations, and best of all, that the cream cakes are not printed on the lid.

Garland of paper cups

< br> Next time, drinking coffee somewhere, think carefully before you throw away disposable cups, because of which we could have done such a stylish beauty.

Countertop of porcelain shards

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Do not be upset if your favorite suddenly broken china plate, because the fragments can find many ways to use, for example to put them on your favorite mosaic table, thus giving it a little bling.

Organizer for sewing

The most usual box from beneath the chocolates can be easily transformed into a place to store your sewing little things, so they are always at hand.

Cover on the paint tray

This ingenuous trick is very useful to all those who can not stand to wash the paint tray, and even for those who have nowhere to put the accumulated plastic bags.

Excellent idea for gardeners

Old flower pots are very convenient to use as a label for the newly planted trees. Now you just do not get stuck where you grow basil and parsley and dill where.

Original pendant lamps

Everything can be applied, even a broken globe. Here you can find instructions on how to just get a one-piece, two stunning lamp.

Additional attachment on a vacuum cleaner

How many times have you tormented, trying to vacuum tight hard to reach places. Who knew that the conventional sleeve can solve this problem once and for all.

The best way to wash nail polish

Good to remove nail polish will help small jar of baby food: just put back the sponge and abundantly fill it with nail polish remover. Hold your finger within 30-60 seconds - that should be enough to ensure that the most resistant to nail varnish came off without a trace

bird feeder

<. br> From empty bottles of wine, cognac or whiskey could have done such wonderful feeders. Of course, the birds do not care about the appearance, but it does not mean that the trough may not please your eyes.

Holder yarn

From an empty jar of cleaning wipes can make a practical container for your yarn. Firstly, it will never be confused, and secondly, in this way it is very convenient to store.

Hinged stand for magazines and e-mail correspondence

Do not rush to throw the box out of the flakes, because of them, you can make a comfortable hanging boxes for newspapers and mail, which perfectly fit into your apartment. How to do this can be found here.

Holder for phone charging

To charge the phone did not leave him hanging from the socket on its own wire, pay attention to this trick by which you will no longer need to worry about what to do if the wire does not reach any surface.

Picture from cans

Here's a shocking picture can be created from tin cans of soda.

Stand color pencils

Old Stand for knife is perfect as an organizer for drawing objects such as crayons and everything else that you need young artist or you yourself.

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