Superfudy: the most useful organic food

In the age of modern technology and total food industry, natural and full of vitamins products are becoming increasingly rare.

However, for the salvation of mankind from beriberi superfudy left - most useful and most of the delicious organic food

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Almond milk

In cow's milk in recent years there were many strong eco-competition, but this one - the most serious. Before we talk about its incredible benefits as a source of protein and calcium, in fairness it should nevertheless be noted that their almond milk is still less than the animal in his fellow man.

But fewer calories and nearly three times.

The output is a perfect drink with a light and fresh taste that is simply created for women: it contains vitamin E - a notable antioxidant, especially effective in protecting the skin from ultraviolet radiation issue. And in the almond milk - whole string of useful compounds: manganese, magnesium, zinc, iron, copper, selenium, phosphorus, riboflavin, vitamin D.


Love sea kale? For some, it is even more tasteless childhood memory than other vitamin from the subsoil, - fish oil. Now, however, she had a great alternative - spirulina. Blue-green algae contains a lot of dietary protein (which is why it so readily consume the athletes), as well as B vitamins and iron.

The amount of the nutritional value of spirulina several times superior to other useful products, such as fillet of sturgeon, red and black caviar.

But its bread you will not smear - it comes in tablet form or powder, which, experts say, the higher the concentration of biologically active substances. However, some restaurants manage to do all of spirulina true gastronomic wonders. At home, we can safely add the powder to shakes, smoothies, salads and yogurts.

Chia seeds

How useful is so insidious and calcium in terms of digestibility. And someone trusts proven supplements am, someone crushes the old eggshells, hoping to use a natural product, and someone like the Aztecs, who opened the world superfud, developing new sources of calcium - such as chia seeds. They are the seeds of the Spanish sage - 100 grams of the product contains twice as much calcium as a glass of milk

. And, if healthy eating issues you take seriously, then you certainly know about the fact that calcium from plant sources digested much better than animals.

There are seeds of chia and bonuses in the form of magnesium, potassium and omega-3. Varnish intact seeds more difficult - they are small and harsh. But in the smoothies are delicious! They will be useful in a salad, but in the form of sprouts sprouts. However, the topic of useful germs in chia seeds have a competitor.


As soon as fans of fresh juices have time to recover after the published information on doctors that fresh juices not only spoil the enamel of the teeth, but also sharply raise blood sugar levels, as in consolation it appeared vitgrass. This is also fresh, but what!

Fresh juice of the green shoots of wheat germ will charge the body of a shock dose of chlorophyll, which it 80% of the total weight.

Chlorophyll is not only involved in the famous school of biology course during photosynthesis, but also, as learned Nobel laureate chemist Richard Willst├Ątter, similar in structure to hemoglobin. And, as experts now say, that chlorophyll is responsible for toning and energy, at the same time strengthening the immune system and speeding up the metabolic processes in the human body. Vitamins A and C in shock doses and more than 90 minerals in the composition of complete complementary portrait vitgrassa.

Flax seeds

Meet the main champion of the content of polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9! But they stand guard hair beauty and health of the heart. If you put aside the advertising appeal, the use of flaxseed will be a minimum of effective prevention of heart disease.

However, your skin will thank you, too - for the "youth vitamin" A and E, of which there are plenty

. But that's not all: phytoestrogen lignan contained in the shell of flax seed is an excellent prevention of various diseases of the female breast. Also, he is credited with the prevention of cancer. Recipes use of flax seeds are very diverse: they can be added to cereals, pastries, salads, soups, and even jam. The crushed seeds should be consumed immediately, as contained in flaxseed oil are rapidly oxidized in air.

Amaranth flour

Everything is new - well forgotten old! After a large-scale denunciation campaign against gluten immediately come to light gluten-free products, of which our ancestors quite successfully made the flour and its derivatives products. Flour from amaranth seeds was known in America pre-Columbian period. First, such flours rich than is amino acids: lysine and methionine.

Lysine helps to absorb calcium, which is what a nice coincidence, in amaranth flour is also quite a lot: two times more than in cow's milk.

Without iron, potassium, phosphorus and vitamins A and C is also not done. Moreover, amaranth flour helps to reduce blood sugar levels, unlike their counterparts wheat and therefore good for the prevention of diabetes. And - most importantly, it gives an incredible space for culinary imagination: biscuits, pancakes and even pasta can now be useful. For the skeptics: UN Food Commission declared amaranth culture of the XXI century

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Cocoa beans

This is the happy occasion when very tasty can be very useful. Provided, of course, that you know how to cook it. To be exact - are not prepared, because in the case of cocoa beans, the less effect on them, the more they retain useful properties. Of course, they are in chocolate bars, tempting us with shelves, but it is a pathetic shadow superfuda.

But if you are not too lazy to buy cocoa beans in a specialty store, grind them in a coffee grinder and prepare yourself the chocolate, then eating it will not be overshadowed by any remorse, because you do not pampering, but for the sake of good. But the undoubted benefits!

Grains cocoa beans contain calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, folic acid, vitamins A and group B (including B12) and another - "happy hormones" serotonin and dopamine. Reduced vitality, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, nervous exhaustion - if it is about you, the organic chocolate as a derivative of the cocoa bean you just displayed. And it shows women in particular (not for nothing that we love so much!), As in cocoa beans contain procyanidins - substances that prevent premature skin aging

. Goji Berries

These berries are at once appeared everywhere, at one time have done nothing less noise than the media tricks Kim Kardashian. They also tirelessly criticized the myth of their usefulness and then dispel, but they bloom in the foothills of Tibet (and even in Russia), and do not think to take their positions.

"The fruit of longevity," as they are called in China, in fact, are the fruits of Lycium Barbarum. Vitamins A, C, B, E - it's not all that can offer red berry with a sweet and sour taste.

Talk of the town these berries do they contain germanium and selenium, which possess anti-tumor effect. As a result, goji berries appointed chief fighter against cancer, but many experts say is still a slight exaggeration here. Whatever it was, they strengthen the immune system and helps in the prevention and treatment of colds.

The use of these berries more than simple: they can be eaten dried, brew tea with them, added to the porridge, yoghurt and even meat dishes

. Author: Laysan Kamileva


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