Tests for the presence of food addiction.

Did you times when you want to stop there, but have not been able to stop? Li > Swirling Does the thought of food or body weight is constantly in your head? Do you jump from one diet to another without any noticeable success? Are you the body from ingested through vomiting or laxatives? Pete if you clean differently depending on whether the company you or alone? Habitually there for you there a lot of food in one step instead of small snacks, stretched on the day? Do you open your fridge when you're bored and you're not hungry? Are there happens to you when you eat in secret from others? Do you belong to the category of people who eat a lot, but never gorge? are you obsessed with how many calories you consume and burn during the day? li > Do you feel guilt or shame for what you ate? Do you hide food to be sure that you have it enough? have there been recent cases ? when you steal someone else's food Do you think that your life will begin only when you lose weight Do you think that to lose weight - it is unattainable for you?

An affirmative answer to a question - it's a sign that you may have a food addiction. And, as you can see from the wording, it is much more common phenomenon than you could imagine.


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