3 things that happen to our bodies when we go to bed late

We all love our bed and pillow. Special tenderness we feel for him in the morning, and we should be too difficult from them to break away. Especially when we went to bed late. And so every day, daily battle.

In the past two decades, there are more and more people are experiencing sleep problems. After all, in today's society everyone, first and foremost, a worker.

And those who are the rare exceptions to this rule, strongly influenced by social networks that do not let them away until late at night.

In America, insomnia is considered to have some sort of epidemic. According to a survey conducted in 2013 by Gallup, 42% of Americans sleep less than 7 hours a day.

If you deprive yourself of a full night's rest, it is likely to appear dark circles under the eyes, you will experience mood swings, and, of course, you can begin to be late for work.

It turns out almost the formula: = stay up late to get up late

But, what else can happen, if you work late or watch your favorite TV series:

1. The increase in body weight

Sleep is very useful (and even necessary) for our body. So much so that when we are sleeping poorly, it negatively affects the work of our internal organs.

After all, the body is always a reflection of what is happening inside us, and sleep, insomnia, or rather, not the exception.

When sleep disorders arise health problems, and obesity - one of them. When you deprive yourself of a full sleep, the body is more tired and the next morning did not want to "get up." And as long as you stay in bed, there are extra kilos.

In a study conducted in 2015 at the Medical College Weill Cornell name (New York, USA) and presented at the annual meeting of the Endocrine Society, said that the regime can not be neglected and, in particular, the time bedtime.

If you go to bed every night for at least 30 minutes later, an increased risk of weight gain and insulin resistance. The study involved 522 people (it lasted for 7 days).

As a result, people who are later filled in 72% of obese and overweight compared to those who went to bed on time.

This is due to metabolism, according Shakhrad Taheri, lead author of the study, it is because of metabolism (metabolic and hormonal), people are prone to obesity and insulin resistance.

2. Loss of sexual desire

In life there are times when the bed is only for sleep and sex. But sometimes it can happen and so that the bed you will fall with a single purpose - to sleep

. You arrive late, tired, unwell, and all because of a little sleep. Time, during which your body is resting, is not enough for you to be ready for intimacy with your partner.

In a recent scientific study found that women sleep duration is closely linked with the desire to have sex. The study found that just one extra hour of sleep increases the likelihood of an intimate relationship the next day at 14%.

In the same study was carried another interesting fact: women who spent more time in bed, felt a strong sexual arousal and more likely to experience orgasm than those who slept little

. Scientists believe that hormonal changes due to lack of sleep negatively affect the sexual life of the people, not to mention the mood swings they cause.

So if you are dissatisfied with their sex lives, think, perhaps, all the fault of your sleep. Many women blame the menopause, when in fact there are other factors.

3. The blood begins to "boil»

That is how it is. Your blood literally boils when you go to bed late. It was found that those who sleep enough are more prone to high blood pressure during sleep.

That is, people who restrict or interrupt your sleep, in fact, themselves raised imagine the pressure, as opposed to those who sleep enough time.

If blood pressure rises at night really is alarming. After all, according to some researchers, it is a marker of increased risk of cardiovascular problems.

If this happens, it means that the heart works harder than it needs in a rest period.

Try to go to bed earlier!

The reasons that we should just go to sleep, much more compelling than the probability of dark circles under the eyes. And you already know about them!

It is important to organize your day. Do not let anything distract yourself while working, watch the time, when you get home. So you take to work the shortest possible time and you will be able to relax a bit.

And bedtime has to be clearly established. And try not to change it. It's taking care of your health!


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