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Scientists still have not agreed how to correctly display the most spherical planet relief on a flat sheet of paper. It's like that to draw the map of Mandarin, remove the rind and try to flatten it to a rectangle. It is clear that the area close to the "poles" will have much stretch.

We all use the projection of Gerardus Mercator, but it has a drawback: the closer islands and countries located to the poles, the more they seem

. Website thetruesize.com created us to better understand the real size ratio on the map.

Revision Website has learned a lot of new.

True size of Greenland For starters look at Greenland. Big Island, is not it? Almost as South America.

But when you move to the United States Greenland breadth it is clear that it is not so big. And when moving on the equator and at all clear that this is just an island but an island giant.


But what would happen is Australia to Russia and Europe latitude seems that Australia small. Firstly, it is close to the equator, and secondly - it is remote from other continents, and it is nothing to compare. But look at these cards.



Notice how the changed shape of Australia to move to the North. This is because part of it is located above the Arctic Circle, that is very close to the pole, and greatly stretched for projection.

But the United States (excluding Alaska), compared with Australia. As it turned out, they are almost identical in size 8fcca7a5f3.jpg

Mexico turns out to be a pretty big country 04ce25c071.jpg

But the real size of the most mysterious continent - Antarctica a321b3cdb9.jpg

How about the true size of Russia? 60f539c760.jpg

Russia - is not only the biggest country, but also the most northern. That is why on the map it looks like a giant, which is even more than many continents.

But moving the Russian at the equator, we will see that it has decreased two times three.

And this is gradually changing the size of Alaska as it moves toward the equator 15f68eac3b.jpg

< br>
so China would look like if he were a northern country like Canada 5bcfc6a370.jpg

India compared to the US and Russia are not as small as it seems 5ca09cea62.jpg

If the Democratic Republic of the Congo was in Europe, a place for other countries there would be almost no fb6fa65457.jpg

All countries in the African continent seem some small. This is all due to the fact that they are located on the equator. Look, as the Republic of Congo has covered almost half of the United States and much of Europe.

Largest countries in Africa at a latitude of Russia e5692b09de.jpg

Algeria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan, Libya and Chad - fairly large country, but this is usually not visible because of their position. And in fact, if the "blind" Together, these five countries on the area they are almost like a Russian.

Are six largest countries along the equator. Now they are on an equal footing 6583b4bf98.jpg

Russia, of course, is still enormous, but not the super-G, which she seems to be in their latitudes. And here perfectly clear how big Australia.

Other existing map projections in which scientists are trying to solve the problem of plausible images of the Earth relief:

Gall-Peters projection 940adb5f93.jpg

projection Wagner e3569442f5.jpg < br>

projection Hood 171c988d7e.jpg

Photos on the preview thetruesize

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