16 photos for those who each day promises to yourself to go early

«Once again, I did not sleep," - with this thought begins his morning half the people. Time after time, we give a promise to comply with daily routine and did not linger in the evening, but punctually his break, what bitter regret in the morning.

< Website has collected photographs, painfully familiar those who always goes late, and recalls: deep sleep - the guarantee of health

. So, here are some signs that you should go to bed early.

Your photo could be a good illustration of insomnia

Morning awakening more like a ritual exorcism

bags under your eyes have already begun to live an independent life

< br> Your body can spontaneously go into hibernation

you sure what to do with her hair in the morning - it's a waste of time

< br>

you all the time imagining that the surrounding objects are sending some secret signs

you are convinced that the bed - it is for wimps

your attempts not to fall asleep each time becoming more inventive

< br> you totally do not understand why coffee is called an invigorating drink

you come to the beach only to how to sleep

the last six months you have not made it to the end even a single film

you often do not understand why people the bus so weird looking at you

you will not stop before any barriers to a good nap

breakfast or sleep for another 10 minutes - your main dilemma morning

you believe that broad-shouldered man - the best companion on the subway

you know from personal experience that awkward postures for sleep does not happen

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