Lithuanian cold salad: a beloved herring, carrots and mushrooms!

< Salted herring - one of the favorite foods on our tables, inexpensive and delicious. And if it happens that suddenly descend guests, this fish will gain certainly!

Silke sous svugunays - Lithuanian dish with an unusual name to our ears is the best fit the description of "quick and easy". The combination of ingredients at first seems not very harmonious, but believe me: this salad snack will be one of your favorite dishes herring
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salad seldyuIngredienty
1 large salted herring 3 medium sized carrots 3 onions 500 g mushrooms vegetable oil for frying dill

to cut herring, cleanse it from the skin and bones. The resulting two halves fish fillets we shall cut strips. 9711c162e7.jpg

Purified carrots grate, we shall cut the onion half-rings, and mushrooms - plates. Preheat how to pan, pour into it a little vegetable oil and fry the carrots and onions until tender, stirring occasionally. Add mushrooms , Hold on medium heat for 5 minutes. d53e82c0be.jpg

Let the vegetables cool and then place in the fridge for half an hour. Laid out in a salad bowl sauteed vegetables , add herring and mix. It remains only to sprinkle with chopped dill dish!

Despite its simplicity, this a snack Lithuanian , ideal for the holiday menu: hearty and original. Salad can be served as a boiled potato and fresh Borodino bread slices, and only some drinks and go under the herring do not need reminding!

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