Swollen legs are long gone! This simple trick will help get rid of the swelling.

< Fluid retention in the body brings a lot of trouble and shows broken metabolism Do not ignore this signal the body, naively believing that everything will pass by itself.

Today, our editors will tell you, how to get rid of puffiness with the help of small changes in the diet.

Removing leg swelling
There are less salty
The constant use of salty foods lead to water retention in the body, thus causing swelling. To solve this problem is pretty simple: eat less salt should be

To maintain water balance
. To get rid of the unpleasant swelling enough to adhere to simple rules of water use. Take advantage of our special table that tells you the daily water intake according to your weight.

Compensate for magnesium deficiency in the body
The disadvantage of this micronutrient can cause fluid retention. Compensate for a magnesium deficiency will avocados, spinach or natural yoghurt.

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