Of the 10 conventional products that rapidly and effectively relieve swelling

It often happens that in the evening we go to sleep in great shape, and in the morning at us in the mirror looks all puffy. In such cases, they want to regain a healthy and attractive look, especially if you have important date.

The website found products that will help you quickly and efficiently solve the issue.

1. Apples

Only 2-4 apples a day will help to cope with the problem of edema. A nice bonus is the improved digestion, loss of appetite and protection from various diseases. Apples can be eaten as raw and baked. And Apple fasting days 1-2 times a week to quickly get rid of extra pounds.

2. Parsley

Parsley stands out among the other greenery not only curly "hair", but also a great diuretic properties. Salad with it for Breakfast or dinner, will effectively remove puffiness. It is important to know that parsley does not lose its useful properties even at freezing, drying and subsequent long-term storage. And yet it contains low calories and lot of protein, which is essential during the diet.

3. Berries

Cherries, raspberries, strawberries, cherries — these berries due to the high content of potassium and magnesium, efficiently excrete excess fluid. If you eat them fresh while at least minimally respect the principles of a healthy lifestyle (less salt more exercise), swelling quickly stop bothering.

4. Buckwheat

Not the tastiest option, but a serving of unsalted buckwheat cereal for dinner will provide you with a fresh look in the morning. So it's worth it!

5. Dried apricots

Apricots perfectly rids the body of all the excess, including water. The juice of it is able to cope with edema in just a few hours. And yet very tasty and healthy to replace the dried apricots of different sweets — it's a nice impact on the health and figure.

6. Cranberry

Cranberries are good and fresh, and in dried. Very useful to drink juice from it without sugar or any additives: it reduces swelling. Also cranberry rids the body of various harmful substances, and instead you get a bunch of vitamins. Recommended to everyone including pregnant women and children 3 years of age.

7. Cucumbers

Regular cucumber brings a huge benefit to the organism as a whole, and appearance in particular. This vegetable has a diuretic action and fresh cucumber juice on an empty stomach perfectly puffiness. Cucumber is also wonderful for skin care: masks, made him give the face freshness and vitality.

8. Watermelon

No wonder watermelon is everyone's favorite. It is not too much vitamins, but it is qualitatively washes the body, carrying away all the toxins, harmful substances and, of course, swelling. But don't like watermelon too much: experts recommend eating small portions no more than 2.5 kg of pulp per day.

9. Eggplant

Eggplant is a great assistant in the fight against edema. It removes from the body salts, which often cause fluid retention. Of course, to get rid of edema you need not roasted eggplants, stewed or baked. It is important to know that overripe eggplant is better not to eat, as they contain the alkaloid solanine, which can easily be poisoned.

10. Bell pepper

Bell peppers are delicious, beautiful and contains a lot of potassium, so successfully displays the body of excess fluid. Especially useful is the red fruit, as it contains the substance lycopene, which prevents the formation of malignant tumors. For getting rid of swelling pepper is best eaten raw, although when cooked, its composition doesn't get much worse.

If you include foods from this list into your diet, you can not only one time to remove puffiness, but also prevent their occurrence in the future. So, horror in the mirror we don't get any.

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