10 comics that everyone will understand, who had a relationship at a distance

People meet, people fall in love ... And quite often it happens that at the same time they live in different cities or even countries

Website believe:. Love all overcome. But distance is only one more reason to admit to himself: "Yes, I'm not easy, but it is the man I loveĀ»

If you had a relationship at a distance, you know exactly what to congratulate on his birthday as possible. different ways

you are strongly sad at the airport

everywhere notice the little things related with your favorite

you ace in the whole, with regard to planning a joint trip

At the meeting, you are ready to light up the whole world his joy

you can attach your computer anywhere

you get lonely in the noisiest companies

Before parting, you are ready to not sleep for days, just to talk a little longer

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you experience where a loved one, and that with him

you, more than anyone, know that without good Internet can be difficult

many times you've heard the question: "Why do you want this?" And you know exactly the answer

Illustrator Anna Syrovatkina The site specifically for

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