Male vampires

If the goal of women's energy vampirism is to attract and retain the attention, the goal male vampirism -. To limit the development of others in order to elevate your ego over them

Today's article about men-vampires, of which at least in the modern world, than vampire.

It is fair to say that the vampire woman has never limit the development of close, she just needs endless confirmation that it is desirable, meaningful and loved. Her neediness tires and stuffing constant energy from the man lead him, and so small reserves of strength by focusing on the goal.

Why do men little energy They do not have a uterus - energy center, able to create and make a new life. And because man is always dependent on the women who are full of vitality center.

This dependence makes the man-vampire to worry that he does not have enough energy to survive and include manipulation aimed at limiting horizons in others.

< Ego male vampire requires to meet the needs of the importance and dominance to feel successful male, recognized females in the herd, always ready to copulate with him and give him the energy of the uterus

Limit the other two ways:. to crush by force or self-pity, showing suffering.

That is, either agressirovat as a gorilla, or show weakness, as if about to die, if the partner will depart for a moment about their business.

 - I told you: do not go there! I did not understand what ?! You Th such a fool, I do not understand?
 - Damn, Masha, suck me, do not you understand my soul. Oh yes ... that really you explain something. It is better to give a beer with a refrigerator. With the refrigerator forbid, something warm nesёsh? !!!

< In both cases, the male vampire and carries tediousness. He repeats his theme as a dull saw, rod undermining human personality. It does not matter how it happens, through force or through weakness

To do this, it can:.

 - Humiliated, "I am such a fool never met!»

 - To depreciate, "What have you done for me? Houses can be tidied up each! »

 - To deny the obvious: "It was not like that! You are crazy? You still dreaming! »

 - Project onto other drawbacks: "You're lying all the time! From whom did you learn? »

 - Summarize: "You're always dissatisfied with everything!»

 - Bring to the absurd position of interlocutor: "Ah, but you have, then, perfection?" Or "What am I, in your opinion, a bad?"

 - Prohibit express feelings: "What are you constantly noesh? Why these tears? Upset it, you know! »

 - To avoid responsibility, changing the subject: "Let's talk later", "Now we have to think about something else ...»

 - Openly threatened violence: "Once again, I note that you looked in that direction, ribs Recalculate»

 - Slander behind him: "Yes, it is still the same bitch, do you not know that? All on the area know this bl ... »

 - Hide behind the opinions of third parties, "Vasily Petrovich said that it is nonsense, and he would not speak in vain.»

 - Pretend to be deceived and innocent: "I did not know what love can be cruel. Beat surreptitiously by someone who loves ... Yeah ... That such, then your love? »

 - Podnachivat in the form of jokes, "Yes Katka likes to pretend to be sheep. And then as kogotochki release and neck ... Yes, darling? »

 - Patronize, belittling, "Do not be afraid, the soldiers would not hurt a child. Though you fool happen, and a little bitch, I still will not leave you. You are my cross, which I carry in spite of the storms of life. »

 - Shame: "Are not you ashamed? Where are you going? A baby did you forget to feed? And still considers himself a mother ... Eww ... »

 - Jealous and controlling, "Why are you staring at him? Do you have something to it? "" You spent the money on that? I gave you a thousand, and the products are three hundred rubles ... »

List vampire manipulation is large enough, but it is based on main principle: to limit to a partner, god forbid, do not become successful.

And whatever may be said about the vampire love in the time of manipulation, it is necessary to know: Love - is a tendency to develop a loved one, to help him meet his needs, to give him what he really needs

Restrictions in the name. love of neighbor - it is a position of pride: «I know better than you what you need for development." this is pure hypocrisy, because no one but the person may not know what the needs of his soul
the roots of the male vampires are there, where are the roots of the female - in the family education model criticality, coming from parents, he went to the boy, and he will rise and give their children vampirism
Get rid of criticality, tediousness, and all forms of vampirism can only really strong person who wants to become a leader and a winner.

Leaders and Winners create an atmosphere in which others want to join. Friendliness, warmth, care and support - this is a mature male quality

On the way to the maturity of the future winner must pass three levels:
1 Recognize.. and work patterns, strategies and beliefs acquired from parents and elders.
2. Restore integrity and discontinue the division itself on good and bad.
3. Connect with his present half - inner woman, anime

. maturity thorny path, but it definitely gives a total success. A mature person is rich material because rich business relationships and love your family.

As for the women who are in relationships with immature male vampires, they will sooner or later have to take a pretty hard truth about himself.

All relationships are always based on an equal footing. With us there is always our mirror. NEAR THE ONE WHOM YOU YOURSELF ARE INSIDE.

< The vampire is always there with a vampire. According to another does not happen.
Change ourselves and the mirror will change. According to another does not happen!

© Marc Ifraimov


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