I want you to work

Recently, the British Guardian published an anonymous letter to his wife asking her husband to regret it, save your marriage, be a role model and daughter ... go to work. On some. For the first time in more than 20 years of marriage.

This letter caused such a storm of emotions in social networks that we just could not publish it!

"I remember seeing you at the preparatory courses Faculty of Law. Against the background of gloomy and nervous persons other students your shining. And I soon learned that you - kind, charming girl, realistic, loving family and loyal in friendship

. To release, we became inseparable. After the exam for the right to engage in advocacy, we were married. Our future seemed to us beautiful: two newly minted lawyers, supported by both parents, and yet we had a dream of our own family

. I started to work as a novice lawyer waiting for long hours and high stress levels. And you suddenly did not rush to look for a job. With a delicate pressure on my part, not very delicate, from our outstanding loans for college, you began to work it here and there for nothing, spending his time in the office, which went up to a man and a half of your education and mind.

After pregnancy, which we both want, you refocused on the most important job in the world. A few years later we had another baby. You still have not returned to work, although the children were at school all day, and our first-born is already going to college.

My career has progressed quite well. We have it all: a beautiful home in a quiet and safe area, the annual holiday, healthy and happy children, the money set aside for their college tuition. But it is very expensive it cost me. In recent years, my responsibility at work has increased, respectively, stress has become unbearable and my health deteriorated. People who have not seen me scared, noting as I aged.

I do not think I can continue at the same pace for another 25 years. I often dream about to leave that job to a less intense, that at the same time you start to make itself, even a little bit. I asked, begged and sometimes you find a job, any. I spent many of my spare hours helping around the house and with the kids, and I understand that traditional gender roles are often oppressed, and this is true for both sexes. I would not so much felt used and lonely, if you earned a little.

None of this will happen. It became clear that you were satisfied with the way I like damn I stick to the work that I hate more as you continue not work. At the same time you are actively engaged in volunteering, sports and various hobbies. You hang out with women who also decided not to work. In this case you constantly complain about financial difficulties, but do not plan to make their own, to have money, which you are missing and, at the same time to unload their husbands burnt.

Our family is grateful for all that we have, we all know that we are lucky a lot more than the millions of people forced to work much harder. I understand that the work may not like. But I do not want you to work on the purchase Jaguar`a for me or a country house. I want you to go to work, so I was able to change their, and our standard of living has remained the same.

I want you to go to work, and I stopped to wake up in a cold sweat, thinking that my work - that is all that separates us from bankruptcy. I want you to work, because that is our marriage will be a partner, and I will not feel a burden or an ATM. I want our daughter to see you at work and in the mood for a career that will give her the opportunity to not depend on men like you depend on me, no matter how it is (and it will) love her. But I want more than anything to you to go to work, because I want to feel loved. "


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