15 images that understand everyone who is crazy about dogs

Most people love dogs, and some do not imagine life without pets. There is nothing strange, because it is difficult not to succumb to the charm of our four-legged friends, and do not fall in love with them without memory.

Website I wonder if any of you know ardent admirers of dogs or can be is yourself?

It's me every time I see a dog
< br>

After all, they are so cute, I just can not hold back emotions

who -That selfie smartphone, and I have here is

and you can not even ask what snapchat-filter my favorite

My reaction to that one finally got a dog and I can invite himself to visit

well, if I'm busy at work and can not come, then I will certainly call

My face, when someone lets me pat their little dog

and no barriers will not stop me, if there is a dog next to whom you can pat

so I behave when accidentally stepping on a dog paw

And so - when he learned that passed the law impairs the right dog

I am perplexed, when I hear that someone does not like dogs

And sob uncontrollably when film die dog

For a world without these glorious creatures would be gray and dull

< br> If you ask me how I see myself in 10 years, this is my answer 80,594,442

because I believe that true happiness looks exactly 9,573,844

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