By adding this product during cooking, do you figure 50% less calories! The unique recipe.

Rice - a popular worldwide cereal. Almost every national cuisine, you can find rice dishes! But despite its popularity, this product is not considered to be truly useful. Rice contains a lot of the so-called empty carbohydrates , which contribute to the formation of fatty deposits ...

However, researchers from the College of Chemistry in Sri Lanka have come up with a method that reduces the caloric content of rice by 50%! Now rice porridge can be made more useful. < Diet rice , cooked in this way, it is extremely effective.

Figure pohudeniyaBlagodarya to this method, you reduced calorie rice 2 times! I love since childhood this mess, tried this recipe and appreciate it. < What good rice , so the fact that he is a wonderful nourishes, leaving a feeling of satiety for a long time.

In various varieties of rice contains from 0 5 to 4, 5% of resistant starch. It differs from the conventional in that is not absorbed by the digestive system, it is not converted into sugar in the blood and does not contribute to obesity. Researchers from Sri Lanka opened the way to pick up an order of the percentage of resistant starch in the rice. All you need to do - cook barley with a small amount of fat

How to reduce calorie rice
Start cooking rice porridge in the traditional way.. As soon as the water boils, add to it a little bit of coconut oil (about 3% by weight of the cereal). When the rice is ready, put it 12 hours in the refrigerator. With this simple procedure will change the structure of the starch in the rice. It will lose its resistance and calorie.

If your friends are watching their diet and strict diet, be sure to tell them about this original way, they will thank you!


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