History About Pampered grandson Grandfather and patiently

The woman was standing in line at the supermarket after the grandfather and naughty grandson. Hands boys were full of sweets, chocolate bars and other sweets. But he continued to shout and turn around. "Steady, Zhenya, there are very few ... Good boy." After a time the child began to act up again, and my grandfather said quietly: "It's okay, Jack. Just a couple of minutes, and we'll go home. Hold on, man. »

At the checkout the little demon took it into his head to throw all the products in the cart. Grandpa said again calmly: "Jen, Jen, relax, buddy, do not worry. Another five minutes and we'll be home. Calm down, please. »

The woman is very impressed. When she went outside, immediately went to the grandfather with his grandson, who sat in the car and said:

- It certainly is not my business, but you behaved there just amazing! You were restrained and quietly talked to the boy even after he was so badly behaved! Jack, you are very lucky with my grandfather!

- Thank you, - said the grandfather. But Jack - it's me. And this little asshole named Maxim.

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