Genealogy. Mystical connection with the ancestors

Historian and genealogist anonymously told about the mystical connection with the ancestors, about what to do if you are offered a legacy, and why not commit suicide.

I graduated from the History Faculty of Moscow State University. However, I learned there is bad: for all time the students had never reached the archive. But drink a lot of hitchhiking, sleeping in churches and cemeteries, learned to varying degrees in seven languages. Then I worked in the program "Wait for me." Was the editor on the search for three years found 200 people. Only women working there for some reason, I was the only man. This was in the days "before the Internet," so we are looking for people mainly through the police.

For each person there is a set of documents. Here you are, for example, live in Moscow. This means that you have registered about 20 different organizations. In Moscow, even brownies books are kept since the war.

Genealogy as a business I started in 2008. Then I got married, the child was born, and had to somehow make money, and there was a crisis. I have not had the experience of searching, but I was insolent and graduated from Moscow State University, became interested in their own genealogy. I decided to write on various European forums, I - Russian genealogist, he graduated from the History Faculty of Moscow State University, I have extensive experience in the archives, which was, of course, lied. I wrote a rich Jew from New York who wanted to find information about their Hasidic family from Ukraine. I said, "Okay, I can." He has translated me an advance payment of $ 500, and had nowhere to retreat. I picked up on various forums about what a parish registers, Revision lists, and went to Kiev. I got - I found the record of this family and fulfilled the order, the case turned out to be simple. The next three years I took any job and do not get out of the archives. Then I used his reputation as a man who conducts research for foreigners. Our people consider this: if New York ordered him to study, then standing specialist.

I have for a long time there was a professional deformation. I look at the world through the archives. I even when to the hospital or clinic come, first ask: Where do you have the file?

About customers

In all my work as a detective. Have a professional genealogists black business cards. It has gone since those times when genealogists working with representatives of the Sicilian Mafia. Black card means that all your family secrets remain secret, as for the gravestone.

Many customers. There are descendants of immigrants who are looking for your story. When their relatives got over to France after the revolution, for example, they often have not had any documents. There was an incident: I was approached by a man whose grandfather died - fell in the street and hit his head. Then the child was three years old. He knows just what my grandfather - an immigrant and that he went to a Russian name. They, of course, interested in where they came from, and I'm looking for their roots.


The whole phenomenon - the so-called liberation children - children of Soviet soldiers from European women. They made the children almost nothing about himself told and returned to the USSR, where they had their own families and children. A lot of them in Germany, and Austria - where were the Soviet military bases - for example, in Austria they remained until 1955. Even in Norway, there are experts who are searching for Russian fathers. In one case, I found such a man his brother just after the "Classmates", because he had a rare surname. By the way, if you are someone looking for, be sure to write about it on the internet.

If we talk about both, then 70% of my clients - are women. I myself still do not understand why the genealogy of interest primarily they are - successful women between 27 and 55. In contrast to men, they are much more closely related to the study, in all delve. From businessmen to work harder: they pay for the research, and then ran after them, because they have no time to meet with you. Though somehow I was doing research for one oligarch who wanted to see "in 3D», live, how and where his grandfather died. And so we went to Austria, found the village, where he died, and even an old man who picked up some parts of the burnt while the tank.

About genealogical office

The most advanced in terms of genealogy - is the Mormons from the US state of Utah and the French. Mormons decided to proselytize already dead relatives. So do not be surprised if in a few years will be 20 billion Mormon. And the French - terrible bureaucracy. They know their ancestry back to the XVIII century. They have extensive community genealogists out magazines like "News genealogy" with decent circulation.

Now Russian boom genealogical research. They are engaged in private and genealogy, and large offices. In genealogical offices usually all very pontovo: leather furniture, antique tomes on the shelves, family tree in the wall and a thick contracts.

They work for very wealthy clients. Well, the prices there start at 200 thousand rubles. Usually this is not an independent business, and the child. For example, a person has untwisted travel agency, it accumulated a rich clientele, which can be spud. These firms operate on Laksheri-shows, ready to offer you a study leather-bound or in gilded frame.

For example, the most famous genealogical office in Moscow owned manufacturer and distributor of cables. I never suspected that there is a serious world of ropes. In general, it is - the most important person in the rope business, just megafanat own genealogy, and each year produces two new volumes of research about their ancestors. I respect him very much.

In Moscow, many people in the genealogical offices do not even have a history education in St. Petersburg is a serious business. Genealogical firm specializing in the order received. And then call me, and I in two to three times cheaper than spend all these searches. This is called a sublease, but I stopped taking orders from agencies. I realized that there is no buzz when you can not see the client. When you work in this business for a long time, you know that between the ancestors and the person contracting a very serious relationship.

About the Study

There are two types of research. First for those who do not know what he wants. We sit down with the client, and I begin to ask: "You are my mom and dad know? Know. And grandparents? All four? Let's record. Where they were born, when ". But then everything usually falls. In addition, we define a time interval, for example, a hundred years. It will cost somewhere 40-50 thousand rubles, and will take about six months. In the year I usually 50-60 orders. The result looks like a research paper report attached with the pictures, if I could find them. I search result - one to three. This means that the third search remain without result. This is a good indicator.

There are people who are interested in very point search. For example, their beloved grandmother was from the orphanage. And they want to know who was this grandmother's parents. At the same time she had left the surname of the parents. And this name is not Ivanov, and more or less rare. Another popular spot search - military. Many are looking for their relatives who were killed or missing in the war.

Typically, the customer interested in one of the relatives, whom he considers himself like. For example, a farmer grandfather, who escaped from the medium and rich. At the same time, of course, from the genetic point of view, we just like our grandfather entrepreneur, as well as on our grandfather-enkavedeshnika. Just try not to think about the second, persuading themselves that actions similar to the first.

If in 90 years the new Russian wanted to bring myself aristocratic pedigree, but now research books middle class. People want to know the cruel and terrible truth, even though about grandfather, who worked in the NKVD and shot thousands of people.

When we get to the bottom of the XIX century, it is possible to continue the search and dig further. If a person is educated, I explained to him that if your relatives - Russian peasants, then from 1800 to 1700 years, you no eventness in their lives will not find. Yes, they are very difficult to live and work, gave birth to 10-12 children, half of whom died, but most of us nothing new about them, most likely, will not know.

About miracles and mysticism

Are you interested in miracles? I can tell you. There is such a thing as a genealogical parallelism. For example, your parents met by chance on the Komsomol construction in the Far East, and fell in love. If we examine its genealogy and genealogy, with a probability of 85% met their ancestors may have lived in the neighboring villages or far from each other.

Genealogists know that nothing is wasted. Do you know why you can not commit suicide? Because your descendants in a crisis situation and will consider such an option life scenario. Apparently, we subconsciously choose a course of action that has already somehow carried out by our ancestors. So, of course, if you were in the old imbecile or a suicide, it is better to be forewarned, followed closely by his own psyche.


I also highly recommend careful about genealogy potential mates. For example, you fall in love with a girl who has a family nor a single person did not have higher education. She is so purposeful, interesting, loves to read books, engage in self-development. You get married, and after a few years, she lies on the couch and do with it does not arise. But all this can be foreseen in advance.

About inheritance

How do I know that a Nigerian lawyer who gives you a start in the right of inheritance, you are not cheating? Search for heirs engaged in special offices, mostly German. They go from a dead man. Therefore, if you find, the first thing they should tell exactly what you have died. Great-uncle or somebody else. We must remember that along with the inheritance you can get a large amount of debt. It often happens that it is easier to refuse an inheritance, than to deal with a collapsed house on the edge of Düsseldorf and million of debt.

But in my experience, these stories, when a man suddenly got an incredible legacy, was not. I do not presume to search for heirs, because such firms are not interested in the result, but in the process, for which they are paid. Therefore, when an impasse comes one researcher, they are looking for a second and talk about the results of the first one. As a result, you come in the Ukrainian village, and there you say you have a crowd came, we explained everything to them, such that there never was.


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